Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Male domestic violence victims 'have nowhere to go'

Male victims of domestic violence say there is not enough support and nowhere for them to go.
A male victim, who did not want to be named, has told ONE News he has been viciously assaulted a number of times. He said while the problem of violence against women has been widely discussed, the other side of the story is not being discussed.
"I've been set fire to. I've been forced to sit on a bed until I've wet the bed," he said.
"The night she set fire to me the police came around and in some ways they were adamant that I was the one perpetrating it."
The victim said there was no one to ring for help. He said other men are being abused as well, and it is time New Zealand faces up to the problem.
"Keeping quiet about it isn't going to make it go away," he said.
Rob Surtees and Brad Martin, from Stopping Violence Services in Wairarapa, say violence against men is a significant problem.
"We mainly deal with men who are violent towards women and children, but there is a big need for men to receive some help around the violence they are receiving as well," said Surtees.

They tried to set up a refuge centre for males in their community - but could not get the funding.
"I believe if we did have a place it would get used and that would benefit the whole community. We have a lot of older men and younger men who need a place to just help sort things out," said Martin.
Help centres have been set up in Gisborne and Auckland to help male victims of domestic violence, however nothing is yet available in Wellington, and there are calls for more help to be made available nationwide.

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