Monday, February 6, 2012

Time to go kiwi femi-garchs!

Just look at the enormous cost to kiwi society fatherlessness has created. 

Radical feminists have destroyed the equal justice in New Zealand decades ago.These kiwi femi-garchs are nothing more than a small,out dated , non-representative, self interest group of shrill merchants. Many of these nasty bitches lurk in the corridors of power , maggots deposited by the Klarkula blowfly. These deluded creeps are fighting the masses in order to hold on to their ill -gotten power. They have a huge need to fill the void in their cold blooded bodies. Unfortunately for children and fathers it's all about control, manipulation, and deceitfulness. Their insipid ideologies have saturated government agencies that claim to act in the child's best interests. The Family Court and CYFS have femi-garch mandates which is tragic for children and fatal for dads. Why these agencies willfully practice unlawful male gender discrimination is a sad indictment for such a country. No wonder unbalanced children are appearing in our docks in ever increasingly numbers. No wonder child abuse by Maori is running rampant when the fem-garchs label all men as Jake the Muss tough boy wife beater nigger savage.

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Time to stand up and accept it's time to rid ourselves of these dangerous and evil kiwi femi-garchs.

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