Friday, August 3, 2012

Aunty Helen Clark still living the big lie.

Well done John Creser, of Wellington.

This disgraceful woman is nothing more than a vile fraudster. Her whole personal life has been one big carefully manipulated and manicured lie. She can't understand her appalling antics are a huge embarrassment for all sane thinking New Zealanders. Not to mention her lewd husband - another sick joke.. You must understand Helen Clark and her hangers on,like Heather Simpson have made a living leeching public money on the socialist rainbow. She is a total farce and should face up too her many demons. If only the general public knew what huge amounts of tax $ dollars$ have been wasted by these militant radical homosexual and feminazi thugs just like this cold hearted - reptilian liar. These creeps are only in politics so they can implement their minority agenda - sordid social stinking thinking!They are all parasitic sick jokes.

 Aunty Helen gave us piss. Anyway have a laugh with the protest over the living in the past ‘airbrushed’ Clark photo.


Big Bruv said...

You have the inside oil on Peter Davis don't you?

Come on now D4J, spill the beans or we might be forced to think you are nothing more than a mental case.

Big Bruv said...

So have you had any more protection orders issued against you of late Peter?
Ever get your guns back?....I can well understand why the cops took them off you, after all you are a nut case who has temper problems.

Oh...and how long were you locked up in the loony bin for?

And please....stop telling lies, you keen saying that you will be exonerated by the courts one day, you know that is not the case. You are as guilty as sin and deserve everything that came your way.

dad4justice said...

Your hatred of me is most disturbing and police are watching things. You know nothing about what I know or do.

Please stop sending malicious emails to my family.

You are one very sick unit?

Who are you?

$1000 to anybody that can answer my question.

You satanic types are so cowardly you only know how to fight dirty.

See you one day big bruv. Haha.