Thursday, August 2, 2012

Family Court Overhaul Announced

About bloody time Crusher. So you listened to my heartbreaking decade! I must blog your first letter to me several years ago, as I am sure my readers will be extremely interested.

 I like the idea of user pays in this vile Family Court system. At least a lying maternal family has to pay money to ruin a fathers life with malicious false allegations. How will the gravy train of loser lawyers and nut bar psychologists leech a living now? Nothing will change as judges pay packets get larger.

I must write to Ms Collins and ask her to fix up my corrupt Family Court case. No money honey just plain hard cold facts. Now the matter of breaching the protection order will be rectified now Ms Collins, or is a very serious miscarriage of justice conspired in a gender bias Family Court not a concern to you nowadays? I sincerely hope Justice still means something in this country?

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