Saturday, August 18, 2012

Putin is a disgrace to the world.

To Mr Putin, you are one gutless egotistical dictator who rules with constant fear and devious trickery. You pick on people who tell the truth about your many hidden agendas. And Putin  if you think your army is ready for Israel then read the good book to learn what fate awaits such demonic creeps as yourself. Rot in hell Putin you wimpish arsehole. Send the KGB down under Mr Not So Tough. You don't frightened real blokes, who know you are suffering from a severe case of short man's disease.


Andrei said...

нет нет нет Dad!

Those "women" are attention seeking skanks who when they were basically ignored went to Christ the Saviour Cathedral and uttered blasphemies most foul in front of the iconostasis thereby attracting the attention of Western celebrity attention seekers who have transformed them into a "cause celebre"

The media of course have no real interest in informing you of the meaning of what they sang and where they sang it, nor why this really upsets people

dad4justice said...

Agreed Andrei,but my attack was directed at Putin who I view as a serious threat to world peace.This man is dangerous, mark my words.