Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fathers fight 'scapegoat' treatment | Rotorua News | Local News in Rotorua

In solidarity brothers. The Femily Court is a manufacturer of suicidal dads and cot case kids. It's all thanks to the gravy train of deceit. Follow the blood money honey. The staff who work here cannot have any consciences! These cold reptilian creeps enjoy fracturing families and killing good dads.

Fathers fight 'scapegoat' treatment | Rotorua News | Local News in Rotorua


Big Bruv said...

Perhaps if these fathers paid their child maintenance and stopped being violent then they might get to see their kids a bit more often.

At some stage the "angry dads" mob might work out that it should always be about the kids. They should swallow their tempers and think about what is best for the kids and that is usually to be with their mothers.

A real dad would deal with the hurt and pay for the upkeep of his kids.

dad4justice said...

Nowadays my four NZ born are disgusted by the way the Family Court dragged me though 10 years of heartbreaking litigation, all because of false testimony made to police from a vengeful and vindictive maternal family. This family made false malicious allegations without any legal consequences so I guess my gripe with the “system” is somewhat justified. Oh yes the child support I paid during the saga is to be returned to me as I was the custodial parent but the “system” would not recognize this at the time and now the struggling kiwi taxpayer forks out too Mr Burns a large nest egg. Thanks bb. Haha please watch Darklands tonight and enjoy me with Nigel.