Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gender Bias In Our Family Court System

 Courts almost always believe a woman over a man today.

Sad fact that our Femily Caught system is allowed to practice blatant unlawful gender discrimination. Many falsely accused dads find the gender bias so overwhelming they suicide as they know the disgusting Femily Caught will never allow him to see his children again .

RIP Wayne C, Joe L, Burt G, Marion B etc..etc...

Gender Bias in Our Family Court System

By Pearle Harbour

Our legal pendulum swings to yet another extreme. Gender bias runs rampant in ourfamily court system. In the 1960's women, fought hard to get laws passed toprotect women against domestic violence. It took many painful years for ourlegal system to recognize women as victims of domestic violence. Domesticviolence, stalking, and sexual harassment laws were passed and enforced toprotect "true victims." Many women lived through domestic violence;many died. Some went to jail for homicide; some were later pardoned. We, aswomen, finally got society to recognize violence against women.

Shame on all those women of the 1990's who now use these laws to their advantage infamily courts to bring men to their knees; and to erase fathers from the livesof their children! False allegations by women of child abuse, domesticviolence, and stalking are almost never questioned by judges for fear of beingpolitically incorrect.

Women who feel justified in punishing men use these false charges indiscriminately. Childrenare forgotten and have become our newest victims with full cooperation from ourFamily Court system. Children need fathers too. A recent US Department ofEducation study, "Fathers Involved in Their Children's Education"(free for a phone call - 1-800-424-1616, option 3) will bear out these truths.

Women have become educated in the ways of our legal system. A new study purportswomen are filing 70% of divorces today. The first person to file usuallywins. The unfortunate person against whom false allegations are chargedmust prove their innocence while a plaintiff proves nothing. As a paralegal anda woman, I am no longer proud of those of female gender who abuse our legalsystem.

An innocent father involved in a nasty contested divorce from a woman who vows vengeance is helpless in Family Court. Important child support laws enacted arenow strictly and sometimes unfairly enforced. There are stories of fathers wholost their jobs from downsizing and/or circumstances beyond their control. Whenthe mother of his children insists on back child support, he is thrown intojail. Child support is based on his "earning ability." Debtor'sprison has become our most recent politically correct means to control men.Here again, our Family Courts condone whatever women allege, accuse, anddictate to control men.

Should a husband make the mistake of remarrying, further angering his ex-wife, asecond wife's income is used as "a way to show ability to pay." Themother of their children, on the other hand, can marry another man. The"other man's" income is never used to lower child support. Court'srationale - "they are not his children, not his responsibility."Since when did a mother bear no responsibility for her children? Today's womenare earning more, and are becoming a majority in our workforce. The stay athome mom of the 50's rarely exists today. I knew of a man who ended up payingso much child support (plus child expenses) he had to move back home with hisparents. Yet his ex-wife earned more than he did.

False allegations of child abuse by a vengeful ex-wife devastate not only children,but fathers. The wife files first to take advantage of all laws passed to protect true victims of abuse and violence. The wife charges everything from domestic violence to stalking to child abuse.

Iknow of a man who was falsely accused of child sexual abuse. By the time he wasfound innocent, he lost his job, his reputation, and everything he owned.Recent statistics do show women are becoming our primary child abusers, andyes, even killers of our children. Yet our Family Courts consistently believe,"the mother always makes the best parent."

Somemothers today emotionally blackmail and intimidate their children intofabricating abuse by their father. I know a man who fought two years to getcustody of his son from a proven mentally ill mother who abused their son. Eachtime the court insisted "the mother is the best parent."

Alarge number of children are ordered to see a child psychologist when divorceis filed. Counselors and psychologists are encouraged by our system to give badreports against a father. Fathers are automatically presumed capable of abusebefore any mother.

Mothersare intentionally denying visitation to loving, child support paying fathers,who then spend money and time in court trying to get visitation enforced. Iknow a man who hasn't seen his son in 14 years, but religiously pays his childsupport. He stopped pursuing visitation in court when the mother threatenedharm to the son. Is this fair? Why is there no press on "intentionaldenial of visitation"?

Oneof the saddest true stories I know of is a little nine year old boy who was putin a mental institution by his mother until he stopped saying, "I want tosee my daddy." There are too many stories of children committing suicide.I personally know of a woman who kept her teenage son up night after nightcrying about her divorce, repeatedly telling him "children ruinmarriages." Her son turned to drinking, drugs, and dropped out of college.

Divorceis a reality. It is currently a billion dollar a year business. Contesteddivorce is guerilla warfare whether people want to acknowledge it or not.Everyone wants fuzzy warm answers to harsh reality. There are none unless weall recognize the gender bias against males perpetuated in Family Court today,and the undeniable damage it does to our children.

Yearsago women had a disadvantage in our domestic courts. Now they can feel quitehappy knowing most women win. They can manipulate child support into"backdoor alimony," deprive their children of their fathers, and ruintheir husband. Truth no longer exists in our legal system.

Yes,we have come a long way. Women can be proud of the laws they fought hard for30+ years ago. I am personally grateful for these laws. Let us not blasphemethose women who died for the very laws that many women are abusing today. Wemust stop abusing these laws, or one day our legal pendulum will swing back andour true victims will not be believed again.

Youthink you are beating men? You are beating yourself; destroying your children;and making the racketeers in our legal system rich. You are creating ageneration of children who think love is conditional and possessive; who learnthat violence by proxy and misuse of the law will make you a winner.

Iwill never be associated with any "feminist" movement which advocatesfalse allegations, destroying children, and eliminating good fathers.

Let'sremember that it is children, not women, who are the real victims of the genderbias in our family courts.

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