Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy fathers day.

Happy fathers men. Give yourself a pat on the back, as the day is an acknowledgement that you are needed in a balanced society. Don’t take any notice of the continual media bombardment which delights itself in portraying men as bubbling idiots. The media are weak feminist controlled lickspittles of the highest order.

And dads, don’t worry about our Prime Minister developing another homosexual lisp that he caught at the big gay out. Remember men, politicians are held in the same regard as paedophiles. Never trust these progressive scum types who are as dangerous to society as the kiddy f##kers .

I am 52 and my four grown up children have contacted me from various parts around the globe expressing gratitude and love for their dad. I am bloody chuffed because I must have done something right eh big bruv you deranged fixated creep.

I hope that all the real role model dads enjoy such strong and loyal bonds of love with their children. Love will conquer all , even a bent justice system. 

To the dads alienated from their children due to the vile scum that work at that gender bias Femily Caught I say, hang in there mate, I did nearly a decade battling the filth and still didn’t win. Just remember the judges have the blood of many falsely accused fathers on their insipid hands. These same judges look the other way when I confront them. They know they shafted me good and proper.

Anyway dads, I sincerely hope you enjoy your day. You deserve it mate.




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