Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blog closed down due to the coward big bruv blogger.

Love your mum and dad folks.



My blog will cease until I get natural justice. big bruv needs some mental health help.
Time to get real with the enemy.
Watch this space. Oh yes, this fool thinks it can continue its cowardly attack without consequences.
Poor deluded fool is in for a nasty surprise.

From kiwiblog the enemy ( big blouse bruv )  is this;
October 3rd, 2012 at 8:15 pm
If I were DPF I would not have been so quick to rescind the ban. D4J is a well practiced liar, it would not surprise me at all if the original post on Cam’s blog did indeed come from him.
[DPF: No, his IP address has always been with the same ISP]

Still big bruv spills his Internet vile. This dude is seriously unhinged or is it a satanic troll monster of cowardly proportions?

His latest from kiwiblog. It makes a good case study on  how low down and deranged the anti - God establishment are

big bruv (10,730) Says:

Oh this is great!
The religious fundies Andrei, Keeping Stock and Kowtow side with the Misogynist Bigot D4J simply because he believes in the sky fairy.
I guess this just shows once again how evil religion is.


KG said...

Until you start blogging again (if you do) you're always welcome to comment in Crusader Rabbit, D4J.

dad4justice said...

Thank you brother.

Andrei said...

Don't let them get you down

Lucia Maria said...

Same with my blog.

Big Bruv said...

So I see that your blog did not stay closed for long D4J.

dad4justice said...

Fuck off big blouse. Graeme Taylor nitwit with Brindley up his rear end. Both are an utter disgrace to New Zealand, ask anybody with a clue. They are scum of the earth cowardly satanic filth.