Monday, October 29, 2012

Society is sexist : Mike Tyson

This man has more sense than the average moron. I like him as he gets under the skin of the feminist men haters.
Society is sexist: Mike Tyson - The West Australian

Former boxer and convicted rapist Mike Tyson has entered the sexism debate engulfing Australian politics.
Impressed by Prime Minister Julia Gillard's fiery speech to parliament in which she branded Opposition Leader Tony Abbott sexist, Tyson says society is sexist.
"I'm not saying she's (Julia Gillard) right. I'm not saying that I'm on her side, I'm just going by the facts of what history proves, that most males are that way," Tyson told The Sunday Telegraph.
"We can't help that, society told us to be that way. We have to within ourselves overcome that thinking, change that thinking, and then everybody might be on equal terms."

Mr Abbott is a product of a sexist society, Tyson says.
"I can't judge nobody, I have my own history with people and crime and women and everything, so I'm not going to judge him. We have a process of learning.
"That's what we are as people and as time goes on, maybe we'll learn and think differently.
"I'm not saying he's a bad guy ... I'm just saying sometimes we get caught up with our society."
Tyson, 46, thinks it's "wonderful" Australia has a female prime minister.
The former champion boxer, who was convicted of rape in the US in 1992, will visit Australia in November for a five-day speaking tour.

He says he's a "changed man" and will be on his "best behaviour" when he arrives in the country.
"You know, you're not going to see me in the strip clubs in Australia, you're not going to see me out in the clubs in Australia. I'm not going to be getting high in Australia.
"I'm just going to be going there and enjoying myself, and then hope the people enjoy themselves as well."

On Sunday morning television, Australian Greens leader Christine Milne said Tyson was entitled to his view and that it didn't have anything to do with the prime minister.
"She can't help who supports her or doesn't and says so publicly," Senator Milne told Sky News.


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