Friday, October 26, 2012

Matt O'Connor used the Retreat strategy

Dr. Michael Pelling put enormous effort into reforming the family courts. In the High Court a judge said; "Dr. Pelling's work in the family courts has been extremely helpful." I was there. Recently Pelling told me he had given up. He also said the Men's Movements were pathetic. Each of the Men's Movements expels their best worker, including me. Eugen Hockenjos worked for seven years to win a case in the highest court. In response, the government changed the law so that the next man would have to start all over again. Recently Eugen told me he had failed.
I worry about a man who works too many decades on this matter, for instance Robert Whiston. For one thing, their women hate it. I think that psychologically it is very damaging.
New men come into the Men's Movements and are contemptuous of the failure of previous activists to achieve anything. Matt O'Connor was going to get results in two years, he told me. He had contempt to those who went before him. He is not the only one. If you talk to a new recruit, he immediately knows that your analysis is wrong. Also, he refuses to read the relevant books, for instance Melanie Phillips, Erin Pizzey, Patricia Morgan, Ivor Catt or the radfems like Catharine MacKinnon. Thus all the campaigning for fathers' rights is based on ignorance.
The "Retreat" strategy has been successful on all four occasions, and no more fathers are willing to use it. Matt told me he used it successfully, and then did not tell his members about it.
I established that under all law, national and international, a child has no right of access to its father. Divorced/divorcing fathers are indifferent to this information. They are not interested in campaigning for legislation on the matter.
We have to sit and watch further generations of children being badly damaged by the family courts. Fathers are unwilling to defy the court's rules of secrecy, as I demanded twenty years ago.
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