Monday, April 28, 2008

Book review Absolute Power.

Well I must applaud Ian Wishart for his book Absolute Power. I’ve had my suspicions and severe concerns about things within Helengradland. It came as no surprise whatsoever that the book is full of skullduggery from consummate liars that belong to a disgraceful Labour Government. Such a shameful state of affairs.

I knew things were bad when Helen Clark called the inhabitants of the good old West Coast “feral inbreds”. I can always remember my young daughters coming from the tiny West Coast School asking me why the Prime Minister was calling them nasty names. Rightly so the whole community went berserk, as nobody could understand why Clark said that? Didn’t the Labour Party originate in Blackball!

After reading this book I understand what powers that have been at work behind closed doors, the undercurrents that have been pushing a huge ism snake, the social policy engineers, a socialist –nanny state – politically correct monster. This monster taints the atmosphere of the Beehive, where lie after lie is processed by the numerous unscrupulous dirt bags in Aunty Helen’s propaganda rank and file army. Pass the dirty emails girls.Please wimp, ask no questions silly Monkey.

As a fathers right activist I have been on the receiving end of a vindictive and ruthless radical feminist regime since 2001. This book highlights the major scud missile trademark of Helen Clark, that is, her ability to crush anybody that dares to speak out against her. She has at her fingertips a huge bureaucratic machine that can shred anybody. Heather Simpson is the front gunner on the Liarbour ship, which is jammed packed with a motley crew of cunning, conniving, backstabbing communists.

She has hand picked a sisterhood judiciary that is only too willing to provide her ample scope and ammunition so her feminist ideologues and agendas can taint due process and fairness. There’s an incredible lust for power within Klark's regime and the spin doctor machine works 24/7. These welcome to the Radical Feminist Machine robots always stay out of the limelight, however this doesn’t undermine their ability in providing a safe haven for political malfeasance. Quickly girls rush through the legislation. Add to more grey area chaotic law at the stroke of midnight. Clever girls, what darling, didn’t you think that people wouldn’t understand your dirt Miss Clark?
Don’t take us all for fools you political cretins of little dignified substance. You are, after all, elected to represent the best interests of the people? Yeah right, joke of the century!

Corruption is a dirty word, but it isn’t programmed into Klark’s brain, as she is a walking humongous lie and the slimy red fungus Heather Simpson, operates the dirty laundry department, which gives the Supreme Leader more time with Tizard the Lizard, ooops sorry Judith. Pardon me dyke girls, lets all play smack, smack naughty boy Peter.

Everything about Clark is false, she a phoney and a mere sad arse vindictive lesbian who harbours a mean grudge. She has created the ultimate corrupt power base on a bedrock of coercion and trickery where she enjoys a total lack of transparency, absolutely no accountability and a socialist hairy fairy utopian euphoria existence. She radiates utter filth, while her deluded ego makes her think that people respect her insanity. The two faced imbeciles from the family destructive Labour Party enjoy pulling a corporate salary without having to ever experience any corporate responsibility. These slippery pollies are laughing at the foolish constituents while oblivious that they're the laughing stock of the Western World. To be successful in Clark’s regime, one must be a yes mama moron, have no morals and a totally absence conscience.

I am glad Ian mentioned Tom Lewis. He is the author the book Cover-Ups and Cop-Outs, which is a must read if anybody doubts the existence of widespread corruption within the police. Lewis was a thirty-year NZ Police veteran and he writes about corruption . Dirty cops are a worry for all kiwis, but it’s to be expected, as a corrupt Clark regime has lowered the goal posts effectively shutting any chance that society can enjoy an honourable police force with integrity and respect from the public. The Blue Brotherhood badge of dishonour is not respected in society anymore.Police lie to protect each other - fact. Police are unfortunately indoctrinated by political agendas set down by the feminazi’s that lurk in level 9 Beehive. Genuine police moral must be shattered. Tragically kiwi society is rapidly deteriorating into social chaos, sadly communities are being engulfed by violence and I can assure you that a walk in my home city on a Saturday night is a far more stressful affair nowadays. According to the latest Police statistics violent crime has increased by 43.6 percent since Labour has been in office, rising from 39,688 recorded cases in 1999 to 56,983 last year.
Ian mentions Rob Pope who swapped positions with Sandra Manderson as the Canterbury Police District Commander. Sandra was a good friend with Miss Clark. Pope wasn’t respected by many in Canterbury. It's a rotten barrel and I do wonder when the lid will finally come off, so the corrections needed to function properly can be finally be addressed. Dreams are free and injustice looks set to carry on running rampant!

We have a society blighted by inequality ONLY because we allow a self-appointed political and legal elite to undermine our seriously flawed democracy. Why does the kiwi media that promotes this flawed democracy and concentrate their time almost entirely on the limited group who get selected for political positions, also concentrate their venom on those at the bottom of the inequality ladder while allowing the massive disparities in wealth. Oh that’s right, Miss Clark said poverty in NZ is just “extrapolated from an anecdote” and the media stool pigeons never challenge her on anything as they’re gutless wind bags.

A good book Ian and keep up the good work, as we are not slaves to corruption. Power to the people and honest writers like yourself. I admire Ian for having the guts to put before the public of New Zealand what we ALL should know about the Labour Party.The antic’s of these lying freaks is beyond my comprehension and I find the whole Klark regime a cauldron of rorts, criminal behaviour and blatant corruption.

In a rotten Helen Clark society, elites are the source of the rot!

Who in their right mind can say they’re proud to be a kiwi?


Anonymous said...

Look I'm an Englishman poking his nose in NZ affairs, However fighting on the back foot will cause you to loose the fight every time.

This farce will end and soon (new world order) let those people know that the mess they are causing is being documented that you are making detailed notes of their behaviour (pictures videos) that these will be submitted to the courts, when the NWO fails and that you will be calling for long prison sentences.

Fight back PLEASE

Miranda said...

You're a misogynist bigot.

One wonders what view of women (and indeed homosexuality) you are imparting on your children, poor things.

Anonymous said...

Hey FailedDad! Are you a Hagley Park toilet cleaner now? Bahahahahahaha!!!

DenMT said...

You know D4J, I think the hardest part of blogging for you must be cleaning up the ponds of saliva around the keyboard once you've finished dashing out one of these unhinged missives.

I, like Miranda, really feel for your kids if you expose them to this particular side of your persona. Other blogosphere trolls give the impression that in real life they just might be normal, even given their hate-filled online carry-on. You - not so sure about that.


dad4justice said...

You cowards make me sick.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Dad4justice.

Just remember Wayne's walk to Wellington. There are far more women empathetic to father's plights in NZ than there are silly feminists who want to destroy men.

I thank-you for writing about this book. I look forward to reading it. It will be good to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Anonymous said...

Dad better defend yourself against this lowlife,

"Anyone checked D4J’s basement lately? (ok DPF - hit me with the demerits, but I couldn’t resist)"

dad4justice said...

How can I defend myself when I can't log into kiwiblog? I told DPF days ago, so I get the message is loud and clear I am a spammer.

They can say what they like about me on kiwiblog. So what f##king cowards like peanut make me rather ill thinking about them. I don't have the right of defence.

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