Tuesday, April 1, 2008

World Memorial Day for shafted dads.

It is a disgrace that Fathers are treated like this and in the 'so called,' civilised countries, thanks to the SS, Child Psychologists and the Puppet Family Courts.
It is no wonder that children, having no Male discipline in their lives, have no line drawn that they do not cross, out of respect for others and their property and the law.

Fathers have right too...kids need dads too...when will it change ???

I will protest outside the Christchurch Kangaroo de family - kill dad - murder court for all the Canterbury fathers who have committed suicide after false allegations in the family court drove them to a tragic breaking point.All three decent fathers flipped out after the sinister and evil system said they could not see their children for years.

Suicide is painless and the de family court is a heartwrenching cauldron of lies!!!

RIP Ralph, Wayne and Joe.May God have mercy on your sad souls.

In solidarity brothers

Figli Negati Italy - 7/04/2008 World Memorial Day


2006 event : http://www.figlinegati.it/eventi-070406-giornatamemoria.htm
2007 event : http://www.figlinegati.it/eventi-070407-giornatamemoria.htm


If you agree with this World Memorial Day, and wish your Association to be in the list, please reply to this email info@figlinegati.it
Thank You
Si vous adhérez à cette Journée Mondiale de la Mémoire, et désirez que votre Association soit insérée dans la liste, merci de bien vouloir répondre à cet email info@figlinegati.it

Press Release Association Figli Negati

On next April 7th, Piazza di Spagna in Rome (from 10.00 to 13.30), will take place the third World Memorial Day in remembrance of all those Dads in the world who killed themselves destroyed by the pain because the contacts with their children were blocked in separation.
The symbol date of April 7th originates from the suicide of the Aosta (Northern Italy) Junior School teacher, Andrea Sonatore, who gave himself fire on 7 April 1996 in front of the Court House at Aosta as the judge prevented him from seeing his daughter after the separation with his wife.
Demonstrators want to make separated fathers awake of the emotional difficulties that generate suicides and murders.
There are no structures in Italy for the protection of fathers. Many distraught fathers are dangerous for themselves and for others.
All over the world, each year, about a thousand fathers die of suicide or suicide-murder.
In front of such a continuous slaughter, Institutions should duly intervene through concrete and precautionary actions.
At noon we will observe a 1-minute of silence to commemorate also Daniele De Nicola (who killed himself on 15 November 2007 forgotten and abandoned after his son was abducted) and to commemorate all those fathers that could not avoid suicide tragedy.
Italian and foreign associations have joined the world event. We will soon publish the list.

The President
Giorgio Ceccarelli
+39 339 2753088

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