Friday, April 18, 2008

RIP Marie Davis

I can't help being the over protective solo dad who is happily nurturing a beautiful 15 year old daughter. However, I am rather fearful that a traumatic event could happen anytime, because we are living in a dangerous society debased by a deluge of vicious violence.

A parents worse nightmare this week when police dragged their daughters body from my once favourite fishing river that I call the Mak(Waimakariri). The discovery of the 15-year old Papanui high school student has hit me hard and fills my head with emotional soul searching questions, why and how could this happen in New Zealand? Marie Davis is yet another stunning young homicide victim,a flower that wasn't allowed too flourish, another sad causality in a society that has completely lost the plot.My condolences extend out to the grieving family.Nothing can replace her.

Last year another young homicide victim - Emma Agnew was dumped in forestry not far from the Mak lagoon . I have fished for Salmon, Trout and Whitebait in the Mak river since the 1960's . Nowadays it is a regular occurrence that you witness a black hearse leaving the once tranquil area.Oh the good old days when kids where safe and happy before the stinking socialist's started to implement their vile experiment by deception and corruption.

I gave up fishing the Rakaia river gorge area after dope growers found the bashed up dead body of the young Ashburton high school girl Kristy Bentley, who is just another cold case for the keystone cops. That's right, they charged me when I tried to help the thicko fools on that one. How's it going demon det Steve Williams? What a lemon !!

I hope I don't accidentally buy any stolen Anzac poppies this year ? I will be ever so vigilant and won't buy a poppy from a bandana wearing Maori with no teeth, reeking of dope fumes and tough stickers all over his horrible face.Who cares in the land of bullshit bureaucrats, gangs can do anything without consequences and deranged homicidal maniacs.

How could New Zealand get so bad Mr Lucky Gummint person? Do you enjoy your quarter of million taxpayer bucks per year? How can you sleep at night? Who cares eh bro, we are Gummint Gods, lets have another meaningless election, so a new bunch of corrupt sick morons can administer more socialist pc crap !! Meanwhile, the senseless slaughter of young ones will slowly meander on and I think that my fishing days are all but over.

What a sick and sad country when Gummint criminals pay compensation to psycho killers.What kind of message does this send to the cruel and calculating criminal!

Could my doldrums be attributed to the possibility that New Zealand is under a spell orchestrated by a Prime Minister who uses words like “diddums” to attack the credibility of the leader of the opposition and "feral inbreds" when describing West Coasters ?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a sad state of affairs alright. The trouble is as I see it, those in Govt aren't interested in serving their country, they are only concerned with serving themselves and advancing their own social agenda - with no regard of the damage it does.