Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dad loses son on more lies from a sick system!

CYF general manager of operations, Lorraine Williams, said: "While criminal charges may have been dropped, in this case, on the balance of probabilities, we still have concerns for the boy's safety and will continue to work with his family for a successful outcome.

In my case, the sinister Judge John Strettell said on the balance of probabilities I was an unfit father. I had a large amount of factual evidence to prove otherwise, however I was denied my right to defend myself in the Ashburton Courthouse December 17th 2001.I collapsed on the court room floor in shock when he wouldn't allow me to submit my evidence !!!!!!What about basic Human Rights your honour?He said that prima facie evidence showed there had been psychological and emotional abuse, which was enough to have the entire maternal family Court protected for seven miserable years. No real evidence is needed in the corrupt Court. Easy way to take a fathers children, so he becomes a heartbroken estranged dad.Take my arm, but don't take my kids you sick judge. CYFS and bent judges use the "balance of probabilities" too destroy family units, because it fits well with the Kangaroo Court gravy train of evil. Wake up kiwi's, can't you see what sick agendas are at work here? Children deserve better from cold and callous government agencies. No wonder troublesome children are on the increase, as CYFS and the corrupt Family Court are that dysfunctional they are dangerous. Our government agencies seem to be into the fractured family industry on a grand scale, the evidence being the increase in family breakdowns and world record child abuse statistics. Come on John Key show some guts and balance the scales for men? Yeah right, just another hen pecked eunuch far to scared to attack the miserable sods that claim to act in the child's best interests! Simon Power, justice spokesman is another deluded lawyer so nothing will change in the corrupt Court system. Build more prisons you thick kiwi ####'s, as your going to need them.What a sick, sad country for fathers and children !!!

Cindy Kiro the vicious feminazi Childrens Commissioner has twice tried to have me arrested for exposing and sending her case after case of trauma for children caused by the terrible Family Court. I am thankful for the common sense shown by police officer - Detective Senior Sergeant John Rae who did not adhere to the mental Childrens Commissioner crazy requests. Cindy Kiro is a not a fit and proper person and she should be in a psych ward so she can recover from her hatred of fathers.Anybody else notice that this gender bias bitch never says a word about female perpetrators of crime? The mother of a young toddler thought it funny to put her daughter in a clothes drier and hang it out on the clothes line. What do you say to that - you nasty Commissioner? No wonder society suffers when creeps like this remain in positions of power.

Katie Wylie and Nelson Mail - The Press
Saturday, 15 November 2008

A Christchurch man has lost custody of his young son despite his trial on assault charges being abandoned.

Rowan James Flynn, 53, was this week scheduled to stand trial in Nelson on five charges of assaulting his 12-year-old son, then aged 11.

He also faced one charge of assaulting a female and two charges of leaving a child under 14 without reasonable supervision.

Nelson District Court Judge Tony Zohrab discharged Flynn after the Crown offered no evidence on the assault charges.

Prosecutor Janine Bonifant said the decision did not mean the Crown believed the alleged offences had not taken place.

Flynn, an unemployed father-of-four now living in a caravan in Christchurch, was charged after his son called the police from the family's Nelson home.

He had allegedly hit his son about five times on the bottom with a wooden spoon after he was disobedient, and he said it was a "tiny issue" that blew up.

He said he had also "clipped" his son around the face but, as a Christian, believed the Bible condoned his disciplinary methods.

"I smacked him but I never assaulted him," he said. "When he was in a defiant mood there was just no dealing with him.

"I do very strongly believe in smacking children as a means of correction."

Yesterday, he learned that Child, Youth and Family (CYF) has interim custody of his son and that he may not contact the boy, who is now living with Flynn's sister in Nelson, without consent and supervision.

"It's absolutely disgusting. There was no need for it and it is just a clear and blatant abuse of (CYF's) powers," he said.

"Obviously, he doesn't like getting his bum smacked, but that's the whole point. I do not pose a threat to him at all."

CYF general manager of operations, Lorraine Williams, said: "While criminal charges may have been dropped, in this case, on the balance of probabilities, we still have concerns for the boy's safety and will continue to work with his family for a successful outcome."

Nelson police have defended their decision to prosecute Flynn as correct and in the public interest.

Family First New Zealand national director Bob McCoskrie said the withdrawal of the charges was proof that good parents trying to deal with unacceptable behaviour from their children were being dragged before the courts without evidence to back up the charges.

"This case adds to our growing list of parents who are either being convicted, charged or investigated for attempting to correct their children in the most appropriate and effective way," he said.

Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro said Flynn's methods of discipline were not justified.

"It doesn't wash, frankly. There is no justification for violence against children and people who think that there is basically need to learn some new techniques," she said.

"They need to learn that in fact violence begets violence and this is no way to treat children."

She released survey results yesterday that found 43 per cent of those surveyed who knew of the "anti-smacking" legislation giving children the same protection from assault as adults supported it. Twenty-eight per cent opposed it.

The survey is part of efforts to judge public opinion in the lead-up to a referendum next August on the 18-month-old law, which removed the defence of reasonable force for disciplining a child.


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Both parents should be required to take a lie detecter test. The children should be interviewed an evaluated, regardless of their ages.I don' know how to change my posting.