Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vengeful mothers leave good fathers powerless to see children,

In New Zealand how many vengeful and vindictive maternal family members ever get charged after telling lies to authorities claiming malicious false allegations of sexual child abuse and domestic violence? A maternal family can alienate and poison the children against a non custodial father without any legal consequences.What about perjury,contempt of court, wasting police time??? etc..etc... A bewildered heartbroken father is confronted by the insidious Parental Alienation Syndrome and a vicious gender bias judiciary! It hurts big time,just look at the tragic male suicide and child abuse statistics.

Step One in the 12 Step programme for suffering respondent clients of the Kangaroo Court; I am powerless to do anything about the lies and deception in the De Family Court ! The comments expressed by the UK Judge in the article below reiterates my point.The law is a sick feminist joke! Judge Boshier likes it that way, because the fractured family business is a big money spinner for many parasitic and unscrupulous so called professionals, who are nothing more than lying scum!

A senior judge spoke out against child access law yesterday, saying that the courts were powerless to help decent fathers to see their children if vengeful mothers stood in the way.

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