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Neocolonialism in feminazi New Zealand

As a victim of unlawful gender discrimination orchestrated by a corrupt judiciary I can assure any readers that radical feminists are father destructive demons taking orders from the pits of hell. Can anybody explain why a Court appointed barrister (Adrienne Edwards)for my children has NEVER witnessed the loving interactions and bonds of love displayed by my confused daughters towards their father? Can anybody explain why my mother was not allowed to give her estranged grand daughters birthday and Christmas presents? What did she do Judge Boshier? False allegations of domestic violence are the ammunition for the sinister gravy train Family Court, so it can string a case out for over seven years!!! Lawyers and psychologists get rich on your misery, while police visit every now and then to administer the bash! I wonder if Ashburton pigs travel up to Christchurch this Christmas so they can assault my female friend in front of her two terrified teenage daughters and trash my home with a bullshit search warrant generated by the ever so civil,but evil, De Family Court? Constable Mark Walter Dryland you're a low down scumbag coward.Senior Sergeant Arnold Kelly, you stink you corrupt pig. Do ANY of you readers know what it’s like to be a FORCED CLIENT in adversarial litigation through NO FAULT of your own? Try getting a job as a falsely accused violent dad. Where is my justice? Unemployed and broke and Christmas coming. Merry Christmas children. It is so unfair and SAD. How could this happen in a country that claims to be fair and just!!
Anyway my justified anger is simmering and I want justice.

Below is an interesting letter from another Peter highlighting the plight of men in Western societies.

(Open Letter to the Secretary of the United Nations Special Political and Decolonisation Committee (4th Committee)

Dear Mr. Zhang Saijin,

I have recently found evidence of the influence and spread of Western Lesbian Neocolonialism in the area of Domestic Violence policy.

The way it works is as follows:

Society, including lawyers and judges, is indoctrinated in the counter-scientific belief that Domestic Violence is basically a problem of men's behaviour towards women, whereas the scholarly evidence is overwhelmingly that that is not the case -- see References Examining
Assaults by Women on their Spouses or Male Partners: an Annotated Bibliography at ;

This occurs because Feminists, while talking about "Equality" out of one side of their mouths, are in fact only interested in issues such as Domestic

Violence to the extent that they can use them to portray women as victim of men's evildoing;

Convincing people and organisations such as the United Nations that women are victims of men's evildoing arouses powerful, irrational guilt-feelings in men, which lead them to give women special privileges over men;

At the same time, Feminists believe in the Power and Control (Duluth) model of Domestic Violence, according to which men like to control women, and use violence and intimidation for this purpose;

There is no evidence for this fictional model;

Feminists ignore men's point of view, and reject any other explanation for Domestic Violence;

The power and control of Feminism over the media, education system, legal system and police in Western countries means that men are not encouraged to report violence by their wives or female partners, and are often not taken seriously if they do;

This makes men powerless in the face of female power and control in the home, and the Feminists want to keep it that way;

This makes Non-Western immigrants a threat to Feminist power and control, because they may come from cultures where men actually have rights when in conflict with a woman;

For example, an Ethnic Persian programme on Stratos TV was interrupted at about 0845 Hours (New Zealand Time) on 29th October 2008 by a propaganda message on Domestic Violence (entitled "It's Not OK.). The propaganda message said, "It's not OK to use your culture as an excuse." It gave the sexist and stereotypical impression that men were only in danger of hitting women and women were only in danger of hitting children. I have never seen such a message during other programmes on Stratos TV. The Persian community was being deliberately targeted;

In addition, Feminists are actively trying to change the World so that all countries make men as powerless as they are in Western countries;

For example, on Televion One News at about 1800 Hours (New Zealand Time) on 26 October 2008, I saw a Lesbian-looking New Zealand policewoman in East Timor talking about Domestic Violence in that country;

She said that it was not surprising that Domestic Violence was rife, given the recent civil war there, and that men paid for their brides, which meant that they thought women should do what they were told;

Of course, no silly policewoman from New Zealand (who got her job because of unequal entry standards for male and female police officers) is competent to draw comparisons between civil war and Domestic Violence, and if men paying dowries for their brides means that they can tell them what to do, then women paying dowries for their bridegrooms must logically mean that they can tell their husbands what to do;

However, the major issue here is that she was implying that women should not do what their husbands told them to do, that men backed up their demands on their women by the use of force, and that this was the cause of Domestic Violence in East Timor;

In fact, Feminist Domestic Violence agencies almost certainly encourage women from Non-Western cultures to assert themselves against their husbands. This is likely to cause conflict. If the woman is violent, there is no culture in the World (Western or Non-Western) which encourages men to complain to the authorities, but if the man retaliates against female violence, the Feminist Domestic Violence agencies (who caused the problem in the first place) will leap to the defence of the woman and get the man arrested.

This is a form of Neocolonialism;

The anti-male ethos which informs Feminist Domestic Violence theory (fiction) is Lesbian in its hatred of men.

I urge you to take steps to protect Non-Western men from the lies and man-hatred of Western Lesbian Feminists.

Yours sincerely,

Zhu nin pingan!

Peter Zohrab
Acting President
New Zealand Equality Education Foundation

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exploited by women
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