Wednesday, November 12, 2008

F4J Protestor/Activist Imprisoned in UK

UK Fathers 4 Justice activist Jolly Stanesby was today sentenced for two months in jail today for a rooftop protest at the home of UK Deputy Prime Minister Harriett Harman.

Fellow protestor Mark Harris was given a conditional discharge.

Members of the group, which had disbanded in September of this year, said they would be staging further protests on the Minister's roof and at the Prime Ministers home in Kirkaldy & Cowdenbeath within the week at protest at what they described as a 'politically conceived show trial.'

Said Mark Harris from court 'I am shocked that Mr Stanesby has been imprisoned and know that fellow campaigners will be taking his place on Miss Harman's roof within days if not hours. The court has made a serious error in committing him to prison and in doing so incited angry dads to take further direct action.'

'If the government messes with our right to family life, then they should be assured that this will also apply to them.'

Said retired F4J Founder Matt O'Connor, 'This was a politically motivated prosecution where protestors have been smeared as terrorists. The fact is that the Harmans conceived their departure from their property as a political response to our protest and stage managed a press conference to coincide with that departure.'

'That Harriet Harman can't go out for a walk in her constituency without a knife proof flack jacket demonstrates that her latent dislike and prejudice against fathers has manifested itself into a social evil that affects everyone.'

'Jolly Stanesby and Mark Harris enjoyed massive public support for their protest and performed a serious public duty in raising awareness about the consequences of mass fatherlessness and the hypocrisy of Ministers who have engaged in a perversion in the course of natural justice to deny a generation of children the right in law to see their fathers. No doubt direct action will flow from this decision.'

'The only person who should be in prison today is the Deputy Prime Minister.'

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