Friday, April 17, 2009

Australia - Family Court admits problems with enforcement

 At least the Australian Family Court admits problems with custody rights, meanwhile the New Zealand let down for children Judge Boshier and his feminist Family Court puppets are doing their insidious best to help many forced Family Court male clients commit suicide.

Family Court admits problems with enforcement

The head of the Family Court admits there are problems with the enforcement of custody rights.

The issue's been highlighted by the case of George Betsis, a Sydney father who spent almost two weeks on the run with his son in the US.

Family Court of Australia Chief Justice Diana Bryant, has told Andrew Moore enforcement has been a problem throughout the court's history.

“It’s not that judges don’t want to enforce orders,” she said.

“I mean, people often see it as the court not wanting to enforce its own orders. I mean, of course we want them to be complied with.

“If the court’s been criticised for not enforcing its orders, why would we want that criticism.”

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