Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Top Lawyers Required To Tackle The Political Busker

Top Lawyers Required To Tackle The Political Busker
Wednesday, 8 April 2009, 11:44 am
Press Release: Benjamin Easton

Top Lawyers Required To Tackle The Political Busker

In matters before the Wellington Court of Appeal a change of law firm mid-proceedings appears as if the arguments of an unemployed street busker have registered serious concern with the New Zealand Government.

Unemployed Political Busker, Benjamin Easton of a father's coalition has applied to the Court of Appeal in respect of a decision made by Justice Dobson on a matter of whether or not a broadcast by Radio New Zealand , early in 2008, was unlawful and discriminatory against fatherhood. The decision of the judge stated that there was no ability for Mr Easton to draw the Broadcaster and the Broadcasting Standards Authority, who reviewed the principal complaint, to a faulted responsibility or action beyond their duty. Obviously, because he is appealing, Mr Easton disagrees.

"The matter that has not been fully explored by the Court", says Mr Easton, "is that the broadcast was about domestic violence, including children and that instead of treating the information with a responsible respect, a Family Court lawyer has been allowed and encouraged to abuse fatherhood, when presuming that the only perpetrators of domestic violence are men. This is demonstrably wrong. Yet all political or bureaucratic institutions engaged appear to believe that such false claims are an acceptable and reasonable form of discrimination. If such direct discrimination remains as it is protected, what is the protective purpose or function of our human rights law? It appears to me that fatherhood is taking the bash in New Zealand and is a real victim for whom few care."

The new firm taking over from Bell Gully for the BSA is Luke Cunningham & Clere, who are the Office of the Crown Solicitors. "I'm encouraged", furthers Mr Easton "that the new lawyer appointed to the proceedings is a partner from the firm. This means both of the lawyers respectively from NZ on Air and the BSA are partners of top law firms. No one now can lay claim or consider that my submissions are without merit. The Crown is obviously taking the matter very seriously where they are defending on behalf of the BSA".

Asked if the media have taken any interest in the proceedings Mr Easton responds to the irony . "I've been fully ignored" he muses. "Why would the media publish bad things that are being said on their direct deceit of the public? My claim is that the New Zealand Broadcasting and Crown Entities are the primary vehicles of a propaganda that keeps fatherhood in a social recession and men oppressed as if they are the only body necessary to take the blame for domestic violence. Men and fathers are the ultimate kicking posts of a domestically violent society doing its covert best to root out paternalism. NZ on Air funds much of New Zealand 's programming and for them to be legitimately challenged as acting badly or outside the law is an impossible equation for the media".

The matter before the Court of Appeal now is whether or not Mr Easton can pay to secure the cost of these lawyers and if he has any chance of winning. "I would like to think my chances of winning increased with this signal by the Crown. If I had the cash", he adds," then I'd happily tip their hats." The Court can waiver the security.


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