Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Family Court destroys dad's precious daughter!

Happy 6th birthday young girl, welcome to your worse nightmare.

Hi I am your court appointed lawyer and I am the first cousin to the people seeking court protection from your deadbeat dad. Just remember young lady to say 'bad dad' and all will be fine.

Hi I am your court appointed psychologist and we will keep you safe from your evil dad, because you are a 'client' of the Family Court. She protests but I love dad deeply. Never say that young girl, never, never, never because police have put your nasty dad in jail.

Hi and happy 14th birthday teenager says the two faced lying Family Court judge, you are now going to live with your dad, because we can’t control you anymore. We will lift the protection order so he can be awarded custody.

Dad gets the damaged 'client' and no one from the judiciary helps him try and repair the damage done by years of hideous brainwashing.

Hi police it’s d4j again can you put my daughter on the missing list again, as she stole my car last night and do thank Judge Peter Boshier for his wonderful court that makes once decent kids criminals.

Hi John Key, why do you let such orchestrated injustice for children flourish in New Zealand?


ZenTiger said...

Hang in there. It might take another 20 years, but hang in there.

dad4justice said...

Thank you Zen, I have faith that the Lord has his angels watching over my lost fairy princess.

My story will be published one day and people will cry, but life is sometimes a rough journey.

God bless and Happy Easter.