Tuesday, April 28, 2009

USA ; You are a Rightwing Extremist


YOU are a "Rightwing Extremist"
and a "Threat to our Nation's Security"!!!

In a new report from the US Department of Homeland Security, conservatives, not terrorists, are named as the #1 threat to the nation's security. Citizens standing for conservative values including those who are pro-life are named as right winged extremists whose activities need to be monitored.

The Obama administration is trying to silence the activities of pro-family citizens and groups - while they destroy families throughout the world.

We cannot stand by and allow the voice for families to be silenced. This is why we are urgently asking you to make the most generous contribution you can possibly make.

United Families International depends completely on individual donors - like you. We know times are tough. But, we must fight this growing threat, and we cannot do it without you!

Just recently, the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, announced the Obama administration's plans at the UN and around the world. In a bold move, she publicly defined "reproductive health and rights" as including abortion and the intention of the US to push abortion around the world.

United Families has been fighting at the UN for over 30 years. We will continue to be your voice representing the values you hold dear - but we cannot continue without your help.

Unfortunately, fighting against the constant attacks on the family is not free. Just to inform you of the growing threat against the family costs United Families over $50 thousand a year. This dollar amount includes monitoring federal and state legislative bodies, UN policy and the actual reporting of anti-family initiatives.

Without your financial help, we cannot continue to alert you of what is happening at the UN and here at home.

Will you stand and make a difference today? We are grateful to every $25, $50, and $100 donation we get, and contributions of any amount really help, but we also urgently need many contributions of $500, $1000 or higher.

Please donate today so that United Families can continue to protect a future for YOUR family and families worldwide! Lives and freedom depend on it.

You can make an online donation, call our office at 877.435.7834 or print this form and mail a check. The future for the family depends on YOU! Please consider making a generous donation today.

Thank you for your support,
United Families International

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