Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gender bias in India results in 56000 married men a year committing suicide!

"56000 Married men commit suicide in India every year due to torture from wives and in-laws . BUT THERE IS NOT A SINGLE LAW TO PROTECT MEN .

Here are some other articles from Indian Newspapers to open your eyes . Remember the pain of a sister or mother is no less when she loses her son commits suicide driven by his cruel wife. The law must protect and punish irrespective of gender bias."

Man asked by court to sell one of his Kidneys to pay maintenance to his wife.

Software engineer kills himself in prison - Wife and her parents leveled 14 false cases on him .

Innocent Man and his family trapped by his vicious wife in a false 498A and comitted suicide by eating medical pills

A 38-year-old man committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan in
his Indiranagar house on Thursday night. He left behind a death note
accusing his wife and in-laws of torturing him.\

A newly-wed youth allegedly committed suicide after he was reportedly
pressurized by his in-laws to live in his wife’s house and sever all ties with
his parents.\


Lakshmi A said...

The fact that many women are using the Domestic Violence Act against their in-laws is increasing day by day. Also the lack of any act that protects the right of men acts as an impediment. The judiciary needs to work on this so that men don't have to face the brunt of this law.

yvs vamsi krishna said...

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