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Is John Australia's First Political Prisoner?

John Wilson Is In Silverwater Jail!
Is John Australia's First Political Prisoner?

Hello Everyone
Below is a link to an email from John Bauskis explaining the recent arrest and incarceration of John Wilson. John is one of the founding fathers of the Freedom Truth movement in Australia and has always stuck to his course in the interests of freedom for all of us. Even though we do not always agree on the way to go about things and the remedy to our situation, John has always been very supportive of us and we of him. He recently got up at four in the morning to take a train to Moss Vale (from Sydney into the country) where Fiona was appearing in the local court!

As everyone who has met John will agree, he is a very gentle man who would never knowingly do harm to anyone and yet he has been imprisoned! Aren't jails supposed to be for the incarceration of men and women who represent a risk to the wider community? Has Australia become a place where they take political prisoners? Is there anyone out there who really thinks Australia is a free country?

Below the posting of John Bauskis' email are some other emails containing comments about John's situation and some information on political prisoners.

What John does with his actions and what we are doing on the Love For Life website is documenting the harm being done to men and women who are causing harm to no one. Men and women are being evicted from their homes and businesses daily, all at the behest of those behind the banks who steal and steal and steal the fruits of labour of hard-working men and women, aided and abetted by those working in the legal system and the courts which are in truth the bank of "The Crown". The systems beneath "The Crown" have nothing to do with our freedom and everything to do with our subjugation and all those working in privileged positions in those systems are practising the Occults. Everything about "The Crown" and its freemasonic shadow government that governs civilisation is based on occult knowledge and belief.

For example, you go into a court room and the Judge there thinks that he/she has power over you and exercises this power (that we are brainwashed/braindirtied into giving him/her) by making decisions about your life without your consent. Really we are battling with warlocks and witches, black ones. Remember, all the Judges, Police Officers, Sheriffs, Bailiffs, Politicians etc, represent "The Crown", which is why they wear, or are surrounded by, symbols of "The Crown". And yet they still expect us to believe that we will get Justice by appearing in a Court of Occultic Law!

David Wynn Miller

Even David Wynn Miller's Claim of Life, now being touted as the answer to all our problems, is occultic because it is based on the legal system (and commerce) that is occultic by design. Where is the "Claim of Life" to be found in creation? David Wynn Miller claims to have a "hold" over all the Courts in the world but how can he have a hold over a fairytale that doesn't exist except as a copyrighted idea to be rented out for a fee? He also claims to have come up with his "Claim of Life" after a near-death experience in which he met a group of "Elders" who told him what to do. Why the exclusivity? Where are these elders, this information to be found in creation for all of us to experience with our senses of creation (sight, sound, touch, taste, feel, smell/scent)?

It all reeks of Freemasonic, third-party-revealed knowledge that is not freely available for all of us to experience on a first party basis. How is it different from the rest of the fairytale, artificial Western World Civilisation of Commerce (or any other fairytale like Alice In Wonderland) which relies solely on third parties telling others what to think, feel and do to comprehend and maintain its so-called existence, an apparition that occurs ONLY in a tiny part of MANS brain used like a never-ending tape-loop to MEMORISE fictitious occultic man-made con-structs.

There is no substance (no life force energy) in the Western World Civilisation of Commerce or any of "The Crowns" copyrighted ideas that are part of it and, without the life force energy that we put into it, it would crumble and fade away. We are soon to release an article about David Wynn Miller which we will post to to the Love For Life mailing list: David Wynn Miller's Dead "Claim Of Life".

(Note: Listen to the series of 1 hour podcasts and the informal 2 hour teaser video here: where we go more deeply into this occultic subject. Scroll down to find these links. We are now in pre-production of a 2 hour documentary which will cover the whole subject in great depth, designed for most men and women to comprehend in one viewing).

This rape, pillage and plunder of men and women will only stop when we come together to say, "NO MORE", forgetting our differences in our determination to rid ourselves of our slave masters forever.

Please pass this email on to as many men and women as possible.

Dr John Wilson Is In Silverwater Jail!!!!!!:

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