Monday, August 3, 2009

UK Mums get a raw deal - YEAH RIGHT!!

When are women going to understand that nothing is said about the thousands of vindictive and vengeful mothers that brainwash their children each year.Nasty mothers who poison the children enjoy teaching the kids on how to hate dad. These strange creatures know full well that the sick Family Court adores false allegations and Parental Alienation Syndrome.These women know police will issue a protection order at the drop of a tear. These deranged mothers know the justice system is gender bias when it comes to custody issues. No wonder the rate of suicide amongst forced male clients of the Family Court is appalling. The gender bias justice system has more blood on its hands than the Nazis. Bang, bang, there goes another victim of false allegations in the Family Court. Well done Judge Boshier you useless feminist whore!Take my arms or legs you bastard but DON'T take my KIDS!!
The Family Court is responsible for more deaths than any World War.

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