Thursday, November 5, 2009


masonic court The Justice secretary Zionist Jack Straw announced yesterday that judges in England and Wales, who had to previously declare if they were masons no longer require that declaration.This is as a direct challenge by the United Grand Lodge of England who threatened him with taking the matter to the European Court of Human Rights.

We have been concerned for many years that the ECHR conventions are being undermined by JUDGES, not juries, deciding on matters relating to the UK's draconian and menacing judicial mafia.

Judges sitting in the ECHR courts may very well be undermining the very nature of human rights by also being members of secret societies and that their perspective of HUMAN RIGHTS relates only to those affecting their brothers and the rest of the population can continue to be ruthlessly destroyed by the powers these masonic judges within the UK have stealthily given themselves. We know British judges are NOT intimidated by threats of victims taking their case to Europe. NO JUDGE has the jurisdiction in any case when either party requests a jury , particularly in civil actions when vast estates are being seized by masonic judges in draconian decisions that they should NEVER have been allowed to take.

Our courts have been high jacked by judicial masons, as proven by the United Grand Lodges continued threats, as it is the power of MASONS that has been proven time and again to be in the hands of the judges that sit in judgement in cases across the United Kingdom and across the globe. This ensures their ultra rich hierarchy can continue the class system that has seen the massive disparity between the rich and poor. Courts and its judicial hierarchy of masonic judges are the main criteria in keeping us all in our lowly place and court powers will ensure our assets are seized if at any time we become a threat to the thugs now running the UK for their own financial gain.

The growing dissent among British victims, their families and friends and also the wider population cannot be stifled any longer by these thugs and bully boys who have been getting increasingly away with murder in how these courts operate. Even a recent comment by the chairman of the Bar Standards Board Lady Deech were she stated "another example of a law imposed on us by the judiciary, without any reference to Parliament" in that family courts are being abused by judges, many if not all masons, who have been for centuries using them as a means for the state to fleece the victims who cannot get juries . Instead making decisions on a lifetime of work invested in assets and homes that are seized using court orders that are wholly illegal and then railroaded through by corrupt judges and lawyers. Later those stolen assets and homes being made available to masons to buy up at vastly reduced cost and one of the incentives they use to sell their soul to a satanic order that brainwashes and blackmails its members who ruthlessly attack anyone who dares challenge their power and money grabbing scams.

Jack Straw has laid down the gauntlet to the millions of victims of these thugs who will continue their reign of terror unless they are stopped . Everyone should avoid at all costs using courts as a means to settle disputes as JUSTICE is non-existent while theft of property is rife by that legal mafia . Marriage ,once a religious preserve is now a meal ticket for the masons who are building their power and wealth using judges to redistribute OUR assets into their hands and living opulent lifestyles on the backs of draconian powers within those courts. Their victims have collated evidence over many years for anyone as yet to face these monsters who remain the biggest threat by far in the UK, despite all the corporate media spin on terror threats from outside the UK.

The amount of lives lost through terrorism(their smokescreen) pales next to the vast army of victims who have been psychologically tortured, abused, bullied and destroyed by this evil network that Straw has bowed to their demands and threats .That we will continue to EXPOSE and take whatever measures are needed to oppose the impact this decision is having on our rights and freedoms. There is no doubt that the more ruthless these evil barstewards become the more the vast majority of the population will resist when they are faced with ever more victims coming forward and telling how their lives have been destroyed by these mobsters. THAT WE HAVE NEVER HAD ANY DOUBT ABOUT THAT THEY CANNOT AND WILL NOT WIN THIS WAR AGAINST OUR FAMILIES.


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Anonymous said...

So, so long Jack.
You won't be back.

Do give Jack a slap, on the back.
For Jacks always been such a good chap.

Jacks promised much.
He himself always thought as much.

Jack was always destined for the top.
For there was at nothing he would not stop.
He spun and spun, so like a top.
To reach such heights, Jack saw the drop

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