Wednesday, November 25, 2009



Masons throughout history have had a habit of staying below the radar , a club that thinks it can keep what its up to secret despite the latest technology. However recently with films like National Treasure and books like the Lost Symbol masons have been using Hollywood and top writers like Dan Brown to create a very warped perspective of what they truly are all about.
This has been done to counter the growing evidence across the internet of the widespread deception and utter fraud that the whole evil system is founded on.There is no fancy mystical background they say they are protecting only a total power and control trip.

This is a CLUB that realized that if you place your members into every key position of power you can virtually control the world,its population but most importantly its wealth. Here is were the real power comes from when the western world's judiciary have been dominated by high ranking masons who have stealthily done away with juries and who have given themselves total control of ALL our wealth when they operate within their secretive court process's . Civil courts or more importantly family courts are were the REAL power lies with masons being used to steal our assets, homes and business's to prop up the masonic coffers.

The political system has been utterly corrupted by masons who have placed their dupes in all the major political parties and who we are expected to vote for come election time as no matter who the complicit media promote they are all part of the masonic run scams that fool us into thinking we have some sort of democracy.
The corporate media owned and controlled by a masonic hierarchy and used as a promotion tool for their political and judicial goons who's comments are featured regularly to ensure ONLY a masonic message and agenda gets out NEVER a counter argument to the massive charade that hides a complex web of deceit so enormous it has fooled the world for far to long.

The internet has finally broken the back of the lies and deceit that has allowed a small self appointed elite group to dominate and control us. Many activists aiding the exposure of this evil monster continue to be attacked by masonic cops and judges using extreme psychological torture and psychiatric gulags similar to how the Russians broke dissidents throughout their history. The WESTERN world is a facade of EVIL greed ,bullying and abuses, not the corporate media version that suggests we have rights and freedoms. Those rights and freedoms have been massively eroded by those now judging those rights and freedoms in the courts that are nothing more than the power base of masons and why so many of their satanic temples are lavishly adorned with the best woods,marble and finery as it has ALL BEEN STOLEN from the people in this very warped and devious art of deception.

The world will only be a much safer place when the key players are outed for their part as the most treacherous traitors that have ever walked the face of the earth. THEY ARE THE UTTER SCUM AND DREGS OF THE EARTH.
Don't let any of their corporate media buddies fool you otherwise.

The utter bull that masquerades as news effectively allows heinous crimes to be committed by thugs while their judicial brothers allow them to walk away that is if the masonic cops or masonic prosecutors decide there is sufficient evidence to even justify a court hearing. Then the other side of the coin is were innocent victims are set up to be the fall guys for their crimes alongside the thousands of non mason fathers who's estates are fleeced in divorce courts were masons are consolidating their wealth from asset stripping. This while masons walk away from divorce with the vast bulk of their estates intact leaving ex-wives struggling as do millions of non mason men who are devasted and destroyed by the power masonic judges wield.

It is these courts were a two tier process increases the power and wealth of masons while everyone else's estates are stolen to line their coffers. Anyone who has gone through this process knows it is maybe the most EVIL network of power they will ever face and why so many men and the occasional woman who commits suicide through the psychological torture these bastards met out to the unsuspecting population and an EVIL WORKING AT ITS EXTREME.
One look at how Bush and Blair and those involved in arranging the invasion of Iraq are all part of a clique of high level masons creating the chaos across the globe that distracts us from what they are doing in secret to own own citizens and why Bush and Blair can walk away from their war crimes knowing that the authorities that are supposed to be charged with oversight are also part of this creepy and sadistic network of power. THEY TRULY MUST BE STOPPED.


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