Thursday, November 12, 2009

USA Family Court judge suspended for 45 days

"the commission found that Gormley entered a change of custody order that removed a child from the custody of her father but denied the father the right to put on his own evidence."

I was denied the right of defence that would have proved that I was a decent father by Judge John Strettell in the Ashburton Court 17 December 2001.Filthy low life Ashburton lawyers Chris Robertson, Paul Finnigan and Geoff Kean helped the bent judge shaft me and force me into a eight year fucking nightmare. Dirty scum of the earth pricks need to be held accountable. Oh by the way my major depressive episode cost the country millions and it could have been cut dead in its tracks if that sinister evil judge had let me give evidence that would have cleared my name.
The Family Court is a gender bias hell hole!!
I hope the children and grand children read about these professional Family Court filth when they google these creeps' name in the future. How can a so called Court deny anybody a defence Judge Rotten Strettell? You c##t!!!

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