Friday, November 27, 2009

Kiwi Rort Justice 101 - Crook Judges and Bent Lawyers.

Kiwi Rort Justice 101 - Crook Judges and Bent Lawyers.

With male suicide on the increase in the Family Court and legal aid lawyers exposed for fleecing the system in the news recently I thought I will give my take on things resulting from a major depressive episode that I experienced.

As a forced client of the Kangaroo Court system in 2001 I was assigned legal aid lawyers in a terrible heartbreaking case that painfully meandered on in the sick system for 8 heartbreaking years. 51 out of the 52 legal aid lawyers involved of my case worked against me even though they were supposed to be acting in my best interests. I guess they thought a male client was stuffed in a feminazi justice system. Suicide was a real thought after every meeting with these devious creeps, as one can tell when one is getting shafted big-time. These suited up lawyers are rotten to the core and they foolishly think they can hide their dirt.

I pleaded for mercy and assistance from the Principal Family Court judge Mahoney, and then judge Boshier - the gender bias judge who overseas a corrupt and extremely sinister Family Court. Needless to say I was fobbed of by everybody.

In an effort to clear my badly damaged name I have written so many letters to the appropriate people in positions of power I could cover a three bedroom house with the huge stack of government fob of wallpaper.

I can remember a meeting with the Children’s Commissioner some years back as part of the New Zealand Fathers Coalition. I personally handed him a 6000 word document that contained my story. He contacted me later on and said he was appalled that this could happen to a father of four in this country. He was so shocked be tried in vain to broker a meeting with the slime ball judge Boshier

It is interesting to bump into police that were involved in my case nowadays. A former court cop just the other day said, no hard feelings mate we certainly got you wrong. He said all those criminal charges and all that litigation was based on the lies of a maternal family. He hoped I would get compensation. I said I want nothing but my four kiwi born children who lived the nightmare deserved something. He said, you’re a good bloke Burns.

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Smith Chin said...

I want to talk to you please. I have some questions regarding your children's mother, drug problems? Prostitution? Did she know or work for the Police? Bang a cop?

Was she supported by all agencies? Courts, cops - you name it?