Thursday, March 18, 2010

Airline’s new restroom policy doesn’t fly with men’s group

'When he heard the news that Japan’s All Nippon Airways would start offering women-only bathrooms on most of its international routes served by large aircraft, San Diegan Harry Crouch wasted no time in drafting a letter of protest to All Nippon CEO Ito Shinichiro.
Crouch, who heads the National Coalition for Men, based in San Diego, said the policy, implemented March 1, was gender-based discrimination.
“All passengers, male and female, should be treated equally,” Crouch wrote.
The fact that men would be allowed to use the women-only designated lavatory only when few female passengers were on board or in emergency situations is considered a violation of California law by Crouch and his group.
Crouch received a response from All Nippon’s Torrance office the other day, thanking him for bringing the matter to the airline’s attention and explaining that the airline is carefully reviewing the issue with its headquarters in Japan and will have a response soon.
Members of the Coalition for Men, which welcomes female members, have filed lawsuits on numerous inequality issues, such as local nightclubs’ “ladies’ nights,” in which women were offered special discounts or benefits. In this instance, a lawsuit would be “way down the road,” said Crouch, who awaits the airline’s full response.'
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