Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Father gets court bill after wife murdered kids

This comment from a fellow member of the MRM says it all;

I really thought that there was nothing in the messed up, corrupt, man-hating feminist sycophantic world of divorce and family law that could surprise me. I was wrong.

It seems that the Belgian justice system (and boy am I using that term loosely) has found a particulalry unique way of sticking it to divorced fathers. If this story wasn't so terribly, terribly tragic it would be laughable. What's really frightening is that the feminist socialist sycophants that run the Canadian Family Law system are probably meeting to determine why they didn't think of this first.
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Father gets court bill after wife murdered kids


The Belgian state has stuck the father of five children who were murdered by their mother in 2007 with the bill for convicting her of the crime, the Le Soir daily reported.

A Belgian court sentenced Genvieve Lhermitte to life in prison in December 2009 for killing her son and four daughters, aged three to 14, while her husband was on a trip to Morocco.

As Lhermitte is incarcerated and insolvent, the Belgian state has sought to recover court expenses and collect fines from her then husband, Bouchaib Moqadem.

"I don't know what to say. I am disgusted and revolted that I, who was wrongly deprived of my children, am being asked to pay for the trial of my ex-wife, who was convicted of murdering my five children by cruelly slitting their throats," Mr Moqadem was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

The bill appears to conform with Belgian law, the newspaper said, with the state seeking funds due to have been shared from the sale of their house under their divorce agreement.

However Mr Moqadem's lawyer, in a letter to finance minister Didier Reynders, called for "administrative requirements to be balanced by decency" given the nature of the tragedy.


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