Sunday, March 21, 2010

d4j is a Proud Grand dad

Yahoo, I am a proud Grand dad for the first time. The latest addition to my family is a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed baby Grand son who is healthy as. I thank God for his successful entrance into what can only be described as a sad and mixed up world. My daughter has done well and I have no doubts as to her parenting ability despite her young age.

This gift from God has produced deep thoughts within about family loyalties and the strength of bonds of love, which can only be cemented solid when they are genuine feelings from a loving heart. Controlling governments really fear family bomds because they are the hardest to break.

I am a lucky dad who has four good looking children , two handsome blonde haired mid twenty twin boys and two stunning teenage daughters. I am jubilant with the arrival of a Grand son, its unreal, who could possibly complain about life.

I am soon to hit up a rugged half century of life on planet earth. I have little in the way of material wealth; however my four children love and respect me as a good father who always has his door open for his children when life throws them a curly ball.

Nothing in this world can buy love. Having all the money in the world cannot bring the feelings of happiness experienced by a father who is loved by his children and Grand child. The richest person in the world must leave their collected wealth behind when they die {can’t take the money honey) however, this father of four will leave copious amounts of love behind on planet earth when he moves on.

Love will conquer all.

What will you leave behind?


Jim Bailey - JimBWarrior - HandsOnEqualParent said...

YO - GrandDAD - Onward - Together in CHRIST - Jim

ZenTiger said...

Congrats, I trust mother is also doing well. It's all hard work and little sleep, yet it is all worth it with loving support from the family.