Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Benjamin Easton arrested

I wish the judges in the Family Court knew of what widespread destruction and heartbreak they cause by alienating decent fathers from their children. Ben is a classic case of what Family Court injustice can do to a father. Not a day goes by that I question why has this injustice torn my family apart. The system deny me the right to clear my name so I might seek natural justice the old fashioned way.
Beware Family Court creeps justice is coming!

Protester Benjamin Easton has been arrested after taking a sledgehammer to a central Wellington street this afternoon, causing disruptions as traffic came to a stand still.
Hundreds of people gathered to watch the spectacle on Victoria St at the end of Manners Mall.
Mr Easton, who opposes Manners Mall being converted into a thoroughfare for buses, was walking back and forth in the middle of the street, striking the ground with his sledgehammer.
Cars and buses were unable to get past.
A police officer with a taser demanded Mr Easton drop his sledgehammer, before a group of officers wrestled him to the ground about 4.45pm.
The taser was trained on Mr Easton while he was arrested.
The incident lasted about twenty minutes.


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