Saturday, June 26, 2010

Important survey on Male Studies

Important survey on Male Studies

Dear Male Studies Supporter,

In order to help The Foundation for Male Studies with its grant requests and fund raising efforts, and to increase its support channels, we've created a brief yet important survey on the need for Male Studies.

We are contacting you because you participated in our April 7 symposium.

Please take just a few minutes and provide us with your feedback by visiting:

Your participation will be greatly appreciated and beneficial to the Foundation for Male Studies and its endeavors to create programs at colleges and universities.


Joseph Notovitz
Director of Communications

The following link is the first official Call for Papers for the First Annual Conference on Male Studies to be held in October, 2010 at Wagner College on Staten Island, New York:

Wagner College will host the first annual Conference on Male Studies, on Friday and Saturday, October 1-2, 2010. Six themes representing several disciplines will be addressed by panels and individual presenters:

▪  The deep biology of the experience of being male (genetics, biology, psychoneuroendocrinology, paleoanthropology);

▪  Literacy and education of boys and college males (pedagogy, sociology);

▪  Socioeconomic factors leading to males' over-involvement in the criminal justice system, underemployment and limited opportunities as fathers, resulting from changes in child custody law (economics, forensics, law, public policy);

▪  Misandric representations of boys and mature males in the media and advertising (media studies including cinema, television and internet, and advertising);

▪  Accounts of the experience of being male (history, literature, autobiography);

▪  Pressing issues related to the emotional well-being of boys and older males, most notably depression and suicide (clinical psychology, medicine and psychiatry, social work).

Specialists in all of the above disciplines as well as related areas of research will present position papers or engage in carefully organized panel discussions of the themes. We expect participants to include scholars from more than the 12 countries who participated along with you in the April 7, 2010 inaugural teleconference and webinar broadcast.

Proceedings of the conference will be published in the first issue of a new journal, Male Studies, in 2011.

Please submit your proposal as a (1) single authored paper, (2) panel (naming colleagues who would be willing to participate with you), or (3) a workshop. The two-day conference will be interdisciplinary and international in scope.

In your proposal, indicate the specific discipline(s) your proposal represents. Include current contact information.

As a reminder, as mentioned on the Call for Papers, please send your documents to

Also, please forward this message to other scholars with whom you work or have worked.

Proposals will be accepted until August 31.

Miles Groth, PhD, Convener

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