Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How To Fight False Allegations Of Abuse Made By Your Ex-Wife

How To Fight False Allegations Of Abuse Made By Your Ex-Wife
Posted by valeri on June 13, 2010
It’s sickening what some women will do in order to give themselves an unfair “edge” in court.  Some exes tend to file and make false allegations of abuse by their ex-husband against their children.  This is done in order to add drama and concern in the courtroom, and is done in hopes that the case will be turned in their favor.
Fortunately, by handling a false abuse allegation properly, you can easily have this thrown out or ignored by the court altogether.  The idea behind making the false allegations is so that the ex-wife can get the upper hand in the courtroom and is used to try to get the courts to favor their case.  Unfortunately, it can do exactly the opposite.  Remember, the ex-wife has the burden of proof.  If she cannot prove anything in regards to abuse, it will make her look foolish and irresponsible. 
In order to bypass the drama of an abuse allegation, it is important to simply state that that the allegations are completely false, are hurtful, and then continue on with your divorce case as it stands.  By spending a lot of time trying to defend the allegations and finding ways to prove them to be false, you will instead make yourself look guilty, like you’re trying to hide something instead of just ignoring the issue and moving onward.
Don’t let your ex-wife try to dominate the case by making false allegations of abuse.  Instead, stay on track, dismiss the allegations as false, and move forward with your divorce court case.

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