Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I want Justice - Part One

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To whom cares

Some years ago I presented the then Families Commissioner Mr. Prasad a case history document outlining my miscarriage of justice orchestrated through the gender bias Family Court.

The travesty of justice is both despicable and malicious. The false allegations made against me resulted in the death of my mother who was hounded to death by a Christchurch Family Court psychologist called John Watson. My four children are badly affected and no one in New Zealand has assisted in my fight to obtain natural justice.

The totally unnecessary persecution of me cost the tax payer a lot of money and was so wrong. I believe it’s in the public best interests to expose the sordid world of a sinister Family Court as research shows the dishonest Court is directly responsible to the escalating male suicide rate.

I have tried in vain to highlight corrupt procedure used to destroy my credibility as a loving and caring father to four New Zealand born children. I have so many replies from Ministers of Crown that I could easily wall paper a three bedroom home with their gutless fob offs.

Be warned, I want justice and if any of you lazy government parasites can muster enough mettle or compassion it would be helpful to future generations of males that my beef with the judicial system can be sorted.

I live in hope.

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