Sunday, May 13, 2012

Documentary on the Bio Channel about Men & Middle Age

Documentary on the Bio Channel about Men & Middle Age
Dear Men's Health Australia,
Greetingsfrom London! After doing a bit of internet research about how to get in touch with mens' groups inAustralia, I wanted to write to tell you about a documentary film I made - 'TheMiddle Men' -  that will be broadcast on the Bio channel in Australia onthe 30th of May @ 10 pm. (see listing here:

You may have indeed already heard about 'The Middle Men' as I have been in touch with several men's groups already, including one of your partners, the Men's Advisory Networks.

'The MiddleMen' explores how 8 men living and working in the UK are experiencing the phasewe've come to know as 'middle age'. I became interested in this idea because asa woman I felt the media spends a lot of time covering how women feel aboutgetting older, but little time exploring how men are responding to it. And aswe all know, the stereotypes of men in middle age tend to be quiteunflattering!

Making thisfilm has been quite an adventure and I am trying to let people in Australia whoI think may be interested in the topic of the film know about the broadcast.Would you mind spreading the word to your men's group and anyone else you thinkmay be interested? We had a lot of good feedback about the film from men's groupsin London as well as from Mind, the mental health charity based here in the UKas they had spearheaded a campaign exclusively about the mental health of men afew years ago.

If you areinterested in finding out more about the film (and would also like to watch atrailer) you can check out the film's website here:

If you dohappen to catch 'The Middle Men' on Bio on the 30th of May @ 10 pm anddo like what you see, please consider sending feedback to the Bio channel sothat the film can be broadcast again. The link to do that is here:

And ofcourse I would always love to hear what you think of the film.

Many thanksfor your time & many best wishes

Meghan Horvath
+44 (0)77 3846 3455
skype: meghan.horvath
twitter: @meghanhorvath

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