Sunday, May 6, 2012

RIP Darius

The tragic death of this 12 year old boy has really saddened me. I am working in New Brighton Mall doing my demo stuff , taking down a health food shop that was once the original grocery store for the area built early 1900's. It's a tricky job as the shop is located between a busy sub way and charity barn shops. Very unstable facade brick work that must come down. The young local lads enjoy watching us doing our demo stuff . Sadly in the school holidays I observed so many young dudes on the piss, drunk as skunks, high on something?? on skateboards at 11 O'clock in the morning! It was sad watching police and concerned people try to talk to these completely wasted young lads. I flashed back to my school yard days and was thankful for a loving mum and dad in the good old days of innocence when butane was something you could smell in the air at speedway. Oh hell,things have got bad out in the Eastern suburbs and I pray the spirit touches the lost and struggling youth of today.

RIP Darius. At Peace now brother.

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