Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Well done NZ Police.

A police officer holding a 20-month-old baby had to jump out of the way of a fleeing car during the incident yesterday.

As my readers know full well d4j has had  a bit of  drama - static and track record with the feds over the years after I was shafted by the feminazi family court. We all know it was lies nowadays, but all is good at present, until they come again?????Only joking boys in blue, anyway, well done getting this maniac off the road. Deadbeat dads who try to kill kids need a bullet to the head. Scum like this piece of shit make it hard for the justice system too determine the good dads from bad dads. I was a good dad, who got fucked over big time by police for being a bad dad. Hardcore stuff, real tough. Cops and family court killed my mum. ANYWAY LIFE GOES ON.  No hard feelings, yeah right!

My four children deserve better, but that is the kiwi way ,cops just do it and they get it wrong now and then. She'll be right mate.

I help good cops,however I detest rotten fools in uniform. I'll get my deserved apology one day, eh top brass?

Well done, how's the Kristy Bentley murder going?

Call this post = sincere sarcasm.

Revenge is mine say the Lord.


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