Wednesday, May 2, 2012

** Just who are men's rights activists? *

Interesting article from BBC. Here in New Zealand I became a men's right activist after I was shafted badly through unlawful male gender discrimination instigated by a feminist controlled court system. I took my complaint to the Human Rights Review Tribunal and now I owe the Crown $6K? My case was struck out and got hammered with costs!

I have made my point to politicians dressed as a Father4Justice Batman in Parliament some years back. I think this time the Bat returns things are to change big time. We men, want equal rights from a balanced system. Yeah right, dreams are free.

Stay tuned and below is a good read;

** Just who are men's rights activists? **
An increasingly vocal men's movement argues that anti-male discrimination is rife. Who are the activists and what do they want?
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Andrew said...

I think men on the BBC site were hitting too many true/ sore points and the blog was closed early!