Friday, June 15, 2012

Editorial : Paying the price for domestic disputes

User pays, well in my case I was forced into the Family Court through false allegations of child abuse made to CYS and false allegations of domestic violence made to the New Zealand police. I was assigned over 50 legal aid lawyers in what became a 10 year legal battle that killed my mother and destroyed my life. Everybody now knows it was a huge lie as the facts have seen my four children say - " how did you survive that decade dad." I will get the system back, I have to because it's in the best interests of my four children. The Family Court is a disgusting gravy train Kangaroo Court where only the lowest of the low leech blood money from decent fathers! You are going to be accountable one day Judge Dread. I feel very sorry for the heartless creeps that work in the sordid Family Court.

Editorial: Paying the price for domestic disputes

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