Sunday, June 10, 2012

NZ Herald is foaming more misandry!

The vast majority of child abuse is perpetrated by men.

This is a typical LIE  from a newspaper that has a  miserable - misandry - mandate. The hatred and oppression of males is normal for this gutter filth newspaper. No doubt radical feminists and girlymen work at such a rubbish media sick joke. How can we fix the insidious problems of child abuse when you have hateful ideologies working on the destruction of fatherhood? We can never have equality and equal opportunity until the truthful facts about gender violence is accepted by a balanced society. It is a male and female problem, just look at recent research on the subject. Can somebody tell the nasty gender bias Herald that just released data shows that in 2010, 35 % of the apprehensions for assault on a child were females.I wouldn't wipe my arse on such a crap publication let alone read the stupid thing. The media are liars.

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