Saturday, June 16, 2012

Help get my kids back

"Their mother had been stripped of custody rights after authorities found her to be involved in drugs and alcohol abuse.
They are being housed in a welfare home under New Zealand’s Ministry of Community Development"

FFS - Our tax pays for this bent woman to torment  a decent father. Natural justice is a dirty concept around here.
I feel for this father who had his sons stolen by a vindictive and vengeful ex partner several years. Sadly the woman is protected here in feminaziland where things like the Hague Convention are ladies tissue papers or toilet paper for the unsavoury radical feminists who run our very sick and corrupt justice system.If a father abducted his two sons in New Zealand he would be in cell by lunchtime, just ask Ms Plod or Judge Dread. There is no fairness in the land of the long white lies.

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