Sunday, June 3, 2012

Woman Wins Appeal Over Insane Smacking Law

Surely it's way past time for the parents and grand parents in New Zealand to demand an end to this nonsense legislation. The anti smacking bill was drawn up by radical homosexuals and totally unfit parents,then forced  down our throats by these sly - liberal - socialist - engineers.The mental law is a complete failure for the kiwi family. Key, Klark, Bradford, just look at the calibre of the creeps who feed us the insane bullshit. You can't trust those three mongrels. Just look at the disgusting unreported lewd antics of Peter Davis in the Klark Absolute Power era!! The audacity of these deluded politicians is beyond belief, no wonder I don't vote these days. The facts will emerge about Peter Davis and John Key will leave politics. Just watch.

Remember the case of Jimmy Mason? The poor bloke was spotted by some jackbooted dyke cop and hauled through the courts for smacking his kids. He got off after Appeal Court ruling. Now this mother. When will it end? In the meantime parents and grandparents are living on the edge as big brother bureaucracy erodes basic parental rights. Governments fear families, as they have the strongest bonds of loyalty, which makes them harder to control. It's not rocket science eh Satan!
Break up the Family and the gravy judicial train makes another killing.
The New Zealand family is under attack from liberal stinking thinking.

Enough is enough, time to clean up our elected leaders.

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