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Australian High Court Judge in a conflict of interest !


By Newswire Services
February 19, 2008

By Newswire Services
February 19, 2008
High Court Judge, Justice Susan Crennan, who presided over the now infamous Liam Magill paternity case, had herself given birth as the result of an affair, according to the new book, "Days of Tempest," to be released today.

Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism, the Honourable Martin Ferguson, confirmed the allegations were true in a private meeting with Mr Magill in 2006.

The Magill case began following DNA tests in 2000, which revealed Mr. Magill was the biological father of only the first of their three children born to his then wife, Meredith Magill, between April 1989 and November 1991.

After the couple separated in late 1992, Mr. Magill made child support payments for all three children until 1999. At one time, his take-home pay was reduced to about $130 a week.

He was awarded compensation in 2002, but that decision was overturned in the Court of Appeal. Mr. Magill launched a further appeal to the High Court, which ruled against him in 2006.

"The High Court's decision should be made null and void. It was a total conflict of interest, and Crennan should have excused herself," said Mr. Magill´s current partner, Cheryl King. Justice Crennan´s past was made known to Mr. Magill by Herald Sun columnist, Andrew Bolt.

"A short time before the High Court of Australia handed down their decision, our lawyer received a phone call from Andrew Bolt, a journalist from the Herald Sun Newspaper, in Melbourne. He raised an issue about Justice Susan Crennan and her past adultery/affair, which produced a son," said Ms King.

A short time later Liam met with the now Minister for Resources and Energy and Minister for Tourism, the Honourable Martin Ferguson. Ferguson confirmed that the paternity issues surrounding Susan Crennan were true.

"Ferguson said that through information provided by his colleagues, he could confirm the rumours were true," said Ms King. Ferguson used this meeting to remind Liam that Crennan was a Howard Government appointee - a fact that was already known to both Magill and King.

The book, "Days of Tempest" – The Liam Magill Story, by American author Lea Anna Cooper, alleges that Justice Susan Crennan was in a relationship at the time she had this affair, and she already had one son by her then spouse.

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