Wednesday, February 6, 2008

George Clooney Purchases Girlfriend

Dear dad4justice,

Item #1

Here's a story about George Clooney. It is an example
of what NOT to do. Talk about absolute stupidity:

George Clooney has reportedly asked girlfriend Sarah
Larson to move in with him. The 46-year-old actor has
been dating 29-year-old Sarah, since meeting her while
she worked as a cocktail waitress in a Las Vegas hotel,
and has now asked her to join him in his Hollywood Hills

A source close to the actor said, "Sarah is always
with George anyway, so it just makes sense. Plus he
likes having her around. She has made him very happy
and doesn't stress him out. She's easygoing and loving,
and that's what he needs right now." George, who was
famous for his bachelor lifestyle before falling for
Sarah, has also asked her to share his New York
apartment with him.

The source added, "George has bought Sarah an entire
closet full of clothes to keep in Manhattan so she
wouldn't have to pack a suitcase when she flies East
with him. He has also told Sarah she is free to use
his credit cards. No wonder Sarah is head over heels
in love."

Rudov's Comment: George is a matadormat. I wrote about
guys like him in "How to Lure a Golddigger." Can you
imagine the palimony George will have to pay when (not
if) they break up? With all that he's accomplished, he
needs a broke, 29-year-old cocktail waitress??? He lets
her move in??? He gives her his credit cards??? Lunacy.
This is why Valentine's Day thrives.

Item #2

I had a great interview this morning on WSNX 104.5FM
in Detroit, about boycotting Valentine's Day, men's
rights, maternity fraud, paternity fraud, etc. Listen
to how Puddin's "Playhouse" crew reacted to me; you'll
understand that they represent typical male behavior
and ignorance.

THIS is why men keep losing their rights and then
vote for politicians like Hillary, who will abridge
more men's rights. Men don't understand this basic
principle: If a man can't handle women in restaurants,
(requiring egalitarian spending), he'll never be able
to handle them on the Senate floor!

This interview is archived on my site's Media Center.

Item #3

Reminder: Thursday (02.07.08), I will debate Lis Wiehl
from Pebble Beach instead of from the remote studio in
San Francisco. This time, I will be sitting next to Neil
Cavuto, and Lis will be back in NYC. I still don't know
the topic, but I'm sure it will be good. Fox News Channel
at 4PM ET.


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Wedding Bells said...

Is this why you have trouble in the marriage department?

dad4justice said...
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dad4justice said...
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dad4justice said...

Please stan, hinamanu and fugly stop the malicious criminal allegations!! I am storing them for a rainy day. I have to moderate several vicious and hurtful frothings from the cowardly communists every day !!Rangi Carroll you are one very sick individual matey !!

Wedding hells ;I have never had problems with making relationships with the fairer sex, quite the opposite in fact. So many to choose from and offers a plenty . Do you think mothers and grand mothers would flock to my house for advice relating to matters to do with the criminal department of child snatchers CYFS and the twisted lying Kangaroo de family court? Silly person psycho wedding bells.

No my problems relate to the fact I was a living in a stable happy/healthy relationship with my partner and our two young daughters one-day and whacked into a prison cell the next day. No warning just wham - bam - thank you mam. That was in 2001 and I am still on police bail for an offence conceived from protecting my daughter’s honour.

The New Zealand Justice system is a rotten to the core bunch of sadist –cowardly animals. My female friend has a permanent limp after a 16 stone Ashburton constable Mark Walter Dryland slammed my lovely female friend into a brick wall head first, in front of her two terrified daughters, two days before Christmas. The four other cops wrecked my house and laughed. She complained and the Police Compliant Authority said to her “ that it should be expected living with me.”