Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mum and dad will never die

Mum and dad will never die.
by Kiwi Young

Hey hey, my my
Mum and dad will never die
There's more to the picture
Than meets the eye
Hey hey, my my

Out of the bed and into the blue
You pay for this and them kids give you that
Once you're gone, you can't come back
When you're out of the family
And into the heavenly

The father is gone but he's not forgotten
Is the story of things gone rotten?
It's better to burn out 'cause rust never sleeps
The father is gone but he's not forgotten

Hey hey, my my
Mum and dad will never die
There's more to the picture
Than meets the eye

My daughter has just started her year 11 at the local state high school. My only concern this year is providing her with a stable family unit, so she can achieve her level 1 NCEA qualification. I have set the healthy boundaries and will assist her wherever and whenever I can. Sadly she has not been brought up with boundaries since she left my care over seven years ago when false allegations caused law enforcement authorities to callously and systematically destroy my family unit. My precious daughter is actually enjoying learning new boundaries, values,moral behaviours and responsibility that I have put in place, as a caring –common sense dad. Her attitude has changed for the better, big time. She is enjoying the bond of love in a healthy child/parent relationship of trust. All children want to enjoy being loved by a mum or dad.Other things may change us,but we start and end with Family.

I do feel sorry for our youth today in what are often the problematic teenage years. Children are attacked at every angle by the crazy over the top media, peer pressures and the 'out there' technology e.g. compulsory bebo website and cellphone. They are programmed by a lost the plot society that want them to grow up, to young, to dam fast.

The difference between children that make it and children that don’t is often the love of one caring adult. The government can never replace the loyalties contained within family interactions and units. Bad governance feels threatened by these family bonds of love, because they are difficult to break and control.The socialist feminist manifesto must destroy the family and create a new efficient and effective fractured family industry without delay.They create destructive family policy and H1 & H2 cuddle up for a sinister laugh. The selfish ‘ism snake’ must slither forward, as radical feminists nail down the bias agenda, so the traditional family is dead and buried.Their intense hatred towards the family and fathers in particular will go to the grave with the vengeful and vindictive radical feminists, who suck lemon's at the thought of a happy family unit.Yuck to mum - dad & the kids.

The problem with society today is that the constant barrage of undermining parental rights by both Labour and National has allowed the children to seize the power base from their concerned parents.Children's rights has caused imbalance and directly responsible for increases in youth criminality and school yard anti - social behaviours. Distraught parents cannot control rebellious teenagers, because the sinister socialists that make up the Nanny State have installed wholesale fear factors throughout society.Teachers are lost in a world devoid of discipline. The smack police will attend a call ASAP, while they send a cab to a murder scene and sit at the coffee shop and watch, while a maniac behind the wheel of a car kills couple of girls!The judges just carrying on working on lowering their golfing handicap ! Shame on our politicized judicial system and corrupt police force.

Traditional family values of dignity and respect have been all but obliterated by the radical/powerful feminazi’s that have seized the power base of our country. New Zealand is built on a bedrock of ideological lies.

The state agencies that claim to act in the child’s best interests view family separation as a file number that is to be milked for every cent it’s worth.Easy blood money is easy to accept money - when you haven’t got a conscience.For example,in my case, it has meandered along in the de family court since 2001 and it is far from finished.Lots of legal aid lawyers etc.... The Ministry of Justice are all twisted political sneaks leaching a living without daring rocking the deceitful boat. Unfortunately my shocked daughters got their first Ministry of Injustice funded psychologist and lawyer when they reached their sixth and eighth birthdays'.Well done you sadist,bent,lying creeps.

The evil lawyers,twisted social workers, bent police and two faced psychologists profit from all the misery created and that is why fatherlessness is on the increase and a structured family unit on the decrease. The family court do not keep statistics, because they operate behind a veil of secrecy that allows it to do whatever, whenever it likes in an unaccountable fashion. If it was a open court of justice it would clearly show the many unhappy males called disgruntled litigants, usually forced male clients who appear increasingly more in suicide statistics.

The family breakdown costs this country billions a year and the ideologically driven politicians can take responsibility.Read and weep at the numbers of troublesome youth and don’t forget we’re Gold Medalists at child abuse, teenage pregnancies,teenage abortions, youth drug abuse, etc…etc…

Our children deserve better from a disgraceful government that is completely out with step with normality.The radical feminists and cowardly eunuchs that litter our Parliament are puppets who crusade minority- agenda social policies.Their insipid one eye subjectivity is seriously detrimental to justice so purported to be sought. They pamper to minority groups, who can make the loudest noise e.g. pinko -rainbow Labour homosexual activists like Tim Barnett and Chris Carter.

Proud to be a kiwi -yeah right !

Shameful Statistics New Zealand.

*More than 25,000 young people aged 15 to 19 are not in any form of education, training or work.

*Nearly 30 per cent of students leave school before 17.Around 40% fail to get any NCEA level-two qualification.

*The number of youth apprehensions for violent offences has increased by 39% up from 2690 in 1995 to 3743 in 2006.

*As many as four out of five young offenders before the Youth Court have a drug or alcohol problem.

Sources: National Party and Labour Party speeches

The mortal enemy of mum and dad are gangs.Incredulously an event that both Helen Klark and John Key attended saw North Island gangs use free food and drink to entice young Maori during a "recruitment drive" at Waitanagi's Te Tii Marae on Waitanagi Day !Shame on Maori,shame on politicians who are hell bent on the pursuit of power.

Is the story of things gone rotten?
Hey hey,my my


Anonymous said...

Just heard you were falsely charged with child abuse. I'm sorry to hear that mate. Hope everything goes well for you.

dad4justice said...

Thank you Steven for your kind words. Yes false allegations of child abuse rip open and tear out your heart real fast. That is, if mongrel police or prisoners don’t do you in first.

It is perhaps the most serious and far-reaching allegation that can be made against a father and can have quite devastating results and so an unjustified allegation, as in my case, caused considerable upset to me.

The anonymous informant, who made the heartwrenching and malicious comments to CYFS, were the maternal in laws, who are still Court protected through protection orders. Does anybody know how frustrating that is? I mean to say the justice system protects people who falsely accuse other people of sordid child abuse. Congratulations must go to the Superintendent of the Ashburton police station, SS Arnold Kelly.You are pure filth Kelly, oops I mean Jellyfish .Do you like protecting paepophiles at the expense of decent dads. Thank you for bashing over my female friend in front of her two terrified teenage daughters. Nice Christmas present Arnold Pus Brain.

“CYFS is that dysfunctional it is dangerous” Unnamed Family Court Judge. The Minister in charge of CYFS, Ruth Dyson is the guilty party and should be incarcerated, because CYFS are just hateful feminist gender puppets.