Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Feminazi Family Court Lawyers.

Lewis misunderstood the legal status of the father in the adoption process,

This is utter crap, she knew alright, as Susan Lewis has been instrumental in destroying many fathers in the Family Court.I have dealt with her on several occasions and I can you, she is your typical thick - radical feminist like Christchurch child counsel Family Court lawyers; Tanya Cook, Siobhan McNulty and Adrienne Edwards. These sick -lying cows are paid to advise forced male clients it's better to suicide than continue in a system that you have no hope of ever achieving balance.Forget access and custody of your own flesh and blood children because these lawyers never bother to witness the loving interactions between a forced client dad and his confused and sad children.

Adrienne Edwards who was appointed by Judge John Strettell (bad person) in 2001, and she has not ONCE witnessed the love and happiness enjoyed when my two daughters get together with me. My daughters give dad a big sincere cuddle and are happy, but the corrupt police and bent Family Court couldn't give a dam.Edwards at $400 an hour x eight heart wrenching years, no wonder this fat arse bitch is always at the coffee shop !! Family Court file numbers are cash cows for unscrupulous lawyers and criminal psychologists who hound a alienated paternal grandmother to death.

The Family Court creates division. It is devoid of fairness and it's a horrible place, as it enjoys breaking up families and eradicating all meaningful relationships between a dad and his daughters . It kills paternal grans !! It's directly responsible for promoting parental alienation which has traumatic side-effects for dad and his daughters.The Family Court is evil and should be obliterated from the face of the earth. Lewis is your typical Family Court gravy train leech.

Lawyer suspended for 3 years
A Christchurch lawyer who facilitated an illegal adoption that saw the baby taken to Australia has been suspended from practising for three years.

Susan Barbara Lewis, 54, a family law specialist, wrongly advised a client who wanted relatives in Australia to adopt her baby that the involvement of the baby's father was ``not necessary''.

The New Zealand Law Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal de cision said Lewis committed ``a series of mistakes'' and accepted instructions to act when she had no adequate understanding.

The then 18-year-old mother of the baby, described in the decision as belonging to a Canterbury farming family, had the child in February 2006.

The mother was living with her parents on the farm and although the baby's father had some inter action with the child, the relation ship between the baby's parents was ``difficult''.

The mother and her parents decided relatives in Western Australia should adopt the child. Despite discussing the matter with him, no agreement was reached with the father.

The family sought legal advice from Lewis.

``(Lewis) misunderstood the legal status of the father in the adoption process,'' the decision said.

``She had adoption documents completed without any involvement from the father of the child and advised her clients the father's involvement was not necessary.

``She advised her clients the child could be taken to Australia and placed with the prospective adoptive parents.''

The child was taken to Australia. When the father found out, he started legal proceedings.

The child was taken from his new parents and returned home ``in some distressing circumstances'', the decision said.

The tribunal said it was of ``considerable concern'' that the errors arose in the field of law where Lewis ``held herself out as having some specialist or focused skills''.

Lewis's ``mistake on mistake'' led to a serious outcome that was at the highest end of the scale, the tribunal said.

Lewis voluntarily turned in her practising certificate after the hearing, telling the tribunal she had closed all her files.

Lewis was given the maximum suspension available, three years.


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People like that shouldn't be allowed in a court room out of handcuffs.

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People like d4j?

Yes, I agree, and I don't know how the courts keep letting him off.

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may god have mercy on his daughters

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Go away satanic anonymous pus ridden coward.