Monday, March 3, 2008

You be the judge.

You be the judge is linked as Judge Watch and well worth a visit.
In solidarity

Hi Dear Folks,

1. In the interests of your immediate and future descendants, could you please make time to;

· Look at video "ENDGAME" at
(or go to
This DVD explains “it” all.
Coupled with the human trait known as “silo mentality” this DVD explains the ROOT CAUSE of society’s decline, bureaucratic lies, family disruption, violence, availability of tempting vices, life’s pressures, the deception in; Education, Social Services, Courts, Town Planning, Tax collections, Health Ministry, Vaccinations, Offender rehabilitation failure, Land grabbing, Resource grabbing, all the glaring failures - you name it, - it’s all explained in this DVD.

· Look at Scientific explanations of Nature’s changes coming upon us between now and 2012 visit then click on “Interviews and Reports” then go to Special Reports and Disclosures then to 2008: “The Future Is Now”. Interviews with Richard Hoagland Parts 1 – 3

· Preview the NEW home page on and take a minute to look at the tab “silo mentality” bearing in mind some leaders put their own agendas before the common good, and take a peak at the book tab “2008 – 2012 Rights and Freedom Gone!”

2. After viewing the above, if you support the thrust to share the reality of these times, would you please assist by forwarding this email to those in your network / address book.

3. We also have a tried, tested, and proven process of restoring the physical body and mind back to good health. This process is successful, (so long as pending death is not right at the door) in combating most degenerative conditions labelled for example as cancers, arthritis, chronic fatigue, chemical toxicity, radiation, obesity, diabetes, gangrene, etc. Equally the process applies to bodies saturated with prescription drugs, and / or street drugs. Within days, hearing aids are generally made redundant, and deteriorating eyesight is restored to the norm.

The aspect which simultaneously deals with restoring harmony and balance to the mind, addresses and eliminates most acquired mental imbalances, irrational behaviour, mood swings, and impulsive anger, thus the process could also be effectively applied to most offender rehabilitation needs.

A submission filed with NZ Government early in 2000 indicated the government's national health budget could be reduced by as much as 50% if this natural approach to restoring good health was available to New Zealanders as an option through the public health system.

4. The references mentioned above, taken collectively, now clearly explain to the general public the impact of the global elite's strategy in exploiting silo mentalities, vanity, greed, shame, loss of status / face, and;

· why our submission of 2000 was discouraged by mainstream bureaucrats,

· why our successive government leaders have been encouraged to increase global debt whilst increasing corporate profits,

· why such a path has been followed at the expense of citizen's rights to quality of life.

Having continued to research bureaucratic behaviour over many years and now having a more complete understanding of satanic forces and the laws of The Universe, we believe the time is right to re-establish this self-care option on a permanent basis.

We are seeking empathetic philanthropic supporters to help get this project off the ground in New Zealand, (and in other countries). For obvious reasons such a venture would not be secure if it was reliant on any sort of banking instruments.

Contact details are on the home page of

I end this message by stating that unknown to many, and denied by users, long term low dose amphetamine use (which many decision makers regularly ingest, including the late Adolf Hitler) whilst artificially boosting confidence, presentation skills, and alertness, renders non-existent, natural heart-felt emotional remorse and regrets. Such people get good at acting out expressions of remorse and regret on occasions when an audience would expect to see such emotions. The Pharmaceutical Industry currently ranks about fourth in profits behind; 1.> The Information Industry: 2.> Oil: 3.> Illicit drugs, gold, diamonds:

We trust in God that you may assist us in networking this email.

Yours Sincerely

Hugh Smith

(on behalf of Truth Honesty Ethics Trust, and others.)

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