Friday, March 7, 2008

Information wanted on fugley the pus ball !!

Look, as police seem content on continually fobbing me off, if anybody has information to the identity of fugley can they email me with it please asap. I will not reveal any details as to the informant. To fugley -rebel heart stan - - you are a jihad terrorist and how dare you threaten my daughter with sexual violation. I am a Christian, however I am angry and I want to exact revenge as my daughters are very frightened, but I must pray that a divine power can cure my problem. I just wish this creep would stop ringing my landlines and cellphones as it's pushing me to the outer limits of self control. It is a sad indictment when the filthy cops will not help frightened teenage girls !!!
How would you feel if you were under satanic attack 24/7 and you went to the authorities and they laughed at you? Proud to be a kiwi - yeah right- what a cess pit of lies and evil !!!

Yesterday from fugly the evil creep;

"You have been very quiet today my friend, I hope you are taking some time out for yourself and maybe spending a little time in reading the Qúran, Allah's final instructions to His people as recorded by the Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him).

I truly welcome you in to our Islamic community, and wish you could be with us at prayers tonight. Friday is the holiest of days in our calendar.

I have found a suitable match for your older daughter, his name is Achmael and he is from Bezekerstan. Achmael is my cousin's cousin, is 34 and has a succesful job in the Halal butcher on Lincoln Rd. Achmael is also studying to become an Imam, and this will bring him and his wives much prestige in our community

your friend

Abu ben Adam"

Today from fugly the pus ridden maggot brain coward;

"Was that you knocking on my door tonight? No, of course it wasn't, you are a gutless coward.

Was that me knocking up your daughter tonight? Quite likely.

MMMMmmmmm "

My online complaint to police ;
Police Information. Government New Zealand
Dear Peter

info@Police is not a police station. If you wish to make a formal complaint please visit your nearest Police station.



"Peter Burns"

cc "Abu ben Adam"


This message may contain information that is confidential and may be subject to the provisions of section 61A of the Police Act 1958, which creates an offence to have unlawful possession of Police documents. If you are not the intended recipient of this message or have received this message in error, you must not peruse, use, pass or copy this message or any of its contents.

Also note, the views expressed in this message may not necessarily reflect those of the New Zealand Police.


Anonymous said...

stan is not fugley. I haven't heard from stan in ages. Anyway, fugley is just trying to wind you up!!

Anonymous said...

I think this is Stan-RebelHeart-

"Was that you knocking on my door tonight? No, of course it wasn't, you are a gutless coward."

RebelHeart Says-
March 6th, 2008 at 9:44 pm

"Oh yeah speaking of cowards, don’t forget you’re the one who’s too pussy to disclose which Church you go to D4J, and was too pussy to show up at my address when you asked for it retard."

It is Stan-RebelHeart who wants you to knock on his door. Unless Stan-RebelHeart is Fugley, you've got the wrong person.

dad4justice said...

I believe that fugley and rebel heart are the same person.
I will find out who this creature is.
I am very determined, as it has gone way beyond a sick joke. I have received many emails of support and I wish to thank those people for their kind words of encouragement.

No amount of rhetoric can justify the malicious threats of sexual violation of a minor. Islamic nutbars might find it acceptable in their cess pit country, but it's not an acceptable standard for the majority of the kiwi population.

I am offended and I want justice.

Anonymous said...

You haven't blogged your email to the Police?

dad4justice said...

Look anonymous if you think I would disclose personal and sensitive information about my young daughters on this filthy internet so fugley can have his warped way then you are madder than I first thought.

I see fugley has not denied he is the insane on Ian Wisharts site - Cindy Kiro thread.

Anonymous said...

I am madder than you first thought? Look Dad why do you have to be a f##kwit?

I am not fishing for personal and sensitive information about your young daughters , you did not need to put those details in your police complaint anyway. I am interested in what you asked the police to do.

You should ask Ian Wishart for Stan's IP , he's called you a kiddie f##ker and has destroyed your reputation.

dad4justice said...

Fugley and dad4justice@muslim have the same IP address.

Do you think I would be so silly not to have the appropriate intelligence analyst verify this for more?

Go away Stan Fugly !!!!